Thursday, June 18, 2009

Show & Tell Friday: Porcelain Dolls

It's Friday, and time for Kelli's Show & Tell! It's loads of fun to see everyone's treasures!

I've shown you this treasure before, but just one picture and in passing when I wrote about my grandmother back in December. She was an excellent artist, making porcelain dolls and ceramics in her little backyard studio. After she passed away, my mother gave each of us girls (my two sisters and me and all our daughters) one of MaMa's porcelain dolls. Beth and I treasure these dolls. For me, they mean a lot. MaMa was not my "real" grandmother, as I wrote in the past entry, but she treated me just like one of her own, as any gracious lady would. To have one of her precious "babies" to keep means the world to me! So I'm sharing them with you today.

My doll is the redhead, of course!

This is Beth's doll. Beth doesn't have blonde hair, but the doll is beautiful, just like my baby girl!

Look at those rosy cheeks! She even has brown eyes like I do!

Delicate little hands - I love this pose!

Little feet, with antique satin shoes

I hope you've enjoyed my little portion of Show & Tell; for more entries, be sure to visit There Is No Place Like Home!


  1. Beautiful dolls,
    barbara jean

  2. What a beautiful you have. Tq for sharing.

    Happy Friday

    Lots of luv,

  3. How sweet. May God bless your week.

  4. Their eyes look so real. These are special treasures because they were made by someone special. But they are beautiful either way. I like the stories behind things almost as much as the things themselves.
    Mama Bear

  5. So, so pretty! And so special because of who they belonged to.

  6. Hi!
    They are beautiful and precious!! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!!


  7. Very pretty, I especially like the red haired doll. But then again I'm partial to red hair. (o:


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