Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Paper Craft Wednesday: Wedding Cards

It's been quite a while since I participated in Kelli's Paper Crafting Wednesday. Until this week, I hadn't made any cards since early in the year (oddly, it doesn't seem like it's been that long!), but someone contacted me through my Etsy shop earlier in the week and asked if I'd make a wedding card for her to give to a friend. I'd never made a wedding card, but since she said she liked my style, I just sat down and made a few without worrying about being in the latest card-making style (she will never know how much she boosted my confidence!). Here are three of the cards I made; the first one is my favorite.

I'm also in the midst of making a scrapbook for Andrew's graduation party, which is next Monday night. I have about half of it done, so I'm spending every spare minute on that and restocking HandmadeByGrace, where you can see these and other cards. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to take a look at my daughter's jewelry shop, edbdbeadz; she has some fantastic jewelry available, including a sweet necklace for a little girl!


  1. What wonderful cards. Thankyou for sharing them, is there such a thing as latest card styles? I have never been one to follow styles lol.

  2. Very cute! I think that I have never followed the "Latest Style" either it has always been what ever the Lord gives me.

    Have a beautiful day!!

  3. Those are lovely, Susan. I like the second and third ones best

  4. Oh they're all gorgeous! I like the 3rd one best. I'm so jealous of all you ladies who can do those handmade cards. :)

  5. Beautiful and elegant. You have a great eye and very good taste.

  6. I love your work Susan....I have my room all set up and ready to go...I know the umphhh..will come...whatever that is..

  7. Oh I love your cards.
    Reminds me i have a bunch of rose paper i got for cards but never made them.
    I better add that tomy to do list.
    Maybe for next week i hope.
    Barbara Jean

  8. Your cards are great! How special it will be for some couple to receive a handcrafted card.


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