Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little Hugs

Sometimes we get little hugs from the Lord through other people. This past week, I was blessed to receive two "hugs" from others that brightened up my day!

First, my IRL (in real life) friend Deanna is having a Fun Friday giveaway every . . . well, Friday! The first week she did this, I got so excited about seeing the card she had made that I didn't even realize that I was entering her drawing until she announced last Monday that I'd won! I'm real sharp like that. I just saw one of these cards for the first time a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with the design, so when Deanna showed hers, I just bubbled over with enthusiasm about it. I really do love it. This one is on its way to someone special!

The other blessing was from the last Paper Crafting Wednesday entry for the summer; yes, straight from one of my favorite crafters and Etsy sellers, Kelli. She sent it so it would arrive in my WA post office box by Tuesday, the day we went down to shop this month. I was so thrilled to open it and find one of her tags in the package; I just love her tags! It's on the left, the cream colored tag with a bird on it. She also sent two patterned papers, two stamped images (love the bird!), a length of ribbon, and a blank card and envelope. I will have a wonderful time making something special for someone (don't know who yet)! Thank you again, Kelli, for being so generous!

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  1. what fun surprises, very pretty.


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