Thursday, June 04, 2009


Thank you all for your kind comments about my cards! You warm my heart and give me the confidence to do more!

This month is graduation month, and we have a couple of graduates among our family and friends. First, our niece Alycia graduated from homeschool. She is my sister Robyn's oldest, her first graduate, and we're proud of both Alycia and Robyn! Alycia plans to go to Pensacola Christian College this fall.

Next is one of our church teens, Ryan. Ryan graduated from one of the local high schools Tuesday night. To accommodate the large crowd, the ceremony was held at The Orpheum, home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. What a beautiful place! We sat in the balcony, but we had a great view of the stage, almost exactly in the center. Andrew snapped this picture as Ryan received his diploma. Ryan is going to West Coast Baptist College for a one-year Bible diploma before transferring to another college, possibly PCC.

Wes and I are very proud of both of these graduates, but we have one more coming up! Our son Andrew is finished with his senior year, and although we're not having a graduation ceremony, we want to honor him with a reception at our home next week. I'll have pictures and more info about him then. The reason I don't have a picture right now is that my husband's computer won't let me into his pictures for me to get the one I want!

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  1. yah! congratulations.. and to the graduates! Godbless!


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