Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

I'm so thankful for my Dad! He has always been a wonderful father to me, even before he was saved. He would tell you that he was not a good man, but as his little girl, I never saw that. I thought he was the greatest man around! Then after he got saved, he began to lead our family in God's way and grow into a godly man. Today, as a 44-year-old daughter, I still see him as a great man. My dad's been saved for 37 years. He has been a preacher, pastor, missionary, and faithful layman all these years, never once turning his back on the Lord. He trained me up in the way I should go; I have a goodly heritage! Thank you, Daddy!

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy! I love you!

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  1. That's a wonderful tribute -- and wonderful heritage.


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