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Sunday in Review - May 24, 2009

I haven't done a Sunday in Review post in a very long time, although I've been trying to keep you updated on things happening in our church every now and then. Since our Bible Conference, things have slowed down just a bit. We're back to our "normal" crowd on Sundays now.

Yesterday we had Bro. Larry Odom and his wife Sandy. They are the parents of one of the other pastor's wives in our area. They just joined right in with us yesterday morning, and then we enjoyed lunch with them at Boston Pizza. We had a such a good time with our waiter, Dustin. He is getting to know Wes pretty well, because we often take guests to this BP, and Dustin has been our waiter quite a bit. I think we confused him a bit yesterday, though, because he knows Wes is originally from NC. Then I said, "But I'm from SC - big difference!" And then he asked the Odoms if they were from NC, and they said, "No, we're from Texas!" Poor Dustin! LOL We eventually got it straightened out, and then Wes, who has given Dustin several of our church tracts, asked him when he was coming to church. Dustin works all day on Sundays, but he also said he has his own religious thing worked out. Wes asked him a few questions about it, then offered to do a one-on-one Bible study with him - which Dustin said he might, since one of his interests is studying different religions. So maybe someday I'll be telling you about Dustin coming over for a Bible study!

The Odoms will be moving here, hopefully in about a year, to be helpers to the pastors in the area, whether that would be with soulwinning, teaching classes, preaching while the pastor is out of town - whatever any of the pastors might need. We're pretty excited about it; it will be wonderful to have their experience teaching us to better serve our people and build our ministries!

Speaking of that one-on-one Bible study, Wes has been teaching the brother of one of our ladies and his fiancee on Wednesday nights in our home. Last Wednesday night, after teaching the lesson and reviewing the previous ones, Wes asked Mike, based on what he'd learned the past few weeks, if he was truly saved. Mike looked Wes in the eye and said, "No, I'm not." Mike then bowed his head, and in his own words asked the Lord Jesus to forgive him and come into his heart! Yesterday morning, Mike came forward to tell our church family what had happened to him on Wednesday. What rejoicing there was in our service!!! His sister, Carrol, and her husband have been praying for several years for Mike to be saved. The funny thing is that Mike had called Carrol on the way home from our house Wednesday night, but had not told her he was saved; he wanted to surprise her Sunday morning! So she was absolutely thrilled with his news . . . and then she hit him for not telling her when he called Wednesday night! LOL What a joy it is to see people saved!

I'm coming to the end of one series in Sunday school, after which I'll begin a 12-week series on Living God's Way - How to Develop Right Attitudes - from Child Evangelism Fellowship. I have a feeling the lessons will be just as helpful to me as they will be to the children; I find that I have to work on my own attitudes quite often! This fall, I plan to begin using the Patch the Pirate program. We will always, always, always use the Bible as the basis of our Sunday school classes, but we also want to use a variety of materials to keep the lessons interesting and profitable for the children. We've used the Patch resources before for a Patch Club, so we know they are biblically and doctrinally sound. I'll just need to modify them a bit to fit into our shorter time period for Sunday school. I think the children will really enjoy the lessons and songs.

That's about it for this week. I would like to make this weekly, but some weeks there just isn't much to tell - it's just a regular week for us, just like most weeks in our home are just the usual.

What are some things going on in your church this summer?


  1. So neat to hear more of the story of Mike's salvation! Wonderful!

    Our church this summer...we have VBS I think next month, camp later on. Our church does a "Family Camp" type thing on Wed. nights in the summer. Various men in the church and guest speakers speak on different topics pertaining to the family and there is a fellowship each Wed. night after the service, usually around a theme (all peach dishes, all chocloate, etc.)

  2. The Family Camp sounds like fun! Our church hasn't had a VBS yet - no workers available because everyone has to work. Sounds like your church will be busy this summer!

  3. Our church kids of all ages will be going to camp...and the older ones a Missions trip...we will have the Hot Days of August(I think that is the month) Revival..and soon a group from Westcoast Bible College will be visiting..some missionaries...WOW....I love a busy calendar..


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