Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Summer's Loss

John Bull, Diets Slimming Weight Loss Exercise Keep Fit Magazine, UK, 1950
John Bull, Diets Slimming Weight Loss Exercise Keep Fit Magazine, UK, 1950

No, we aren't expecting to lose our summer! It's something we want to lose this summer - weight! Wes and I both have "struggled" - more like knowing-we-need-to-lose-some-but-not-really-working-at-it - with our weight for a couple of several years now. We've both lost a little weight, then regained it, several times. And we both know that's not good for us. Sooooo . . . .

This morning I saw this post at Pretty Organized Palace. She tells about a Biggest Loser-type challenge going on at another blog (which I won't be joining, because I don't know the people and I'm not going to send money to people I don't know!) and asked who'd like to join her for the same type of challenge on her blog. Here are the rules:

You get 1 point for each of the following:
  • 30 minute workout
  • No Soda (even diet)
  • No Sweets (I'm gonna die... does unsweetened chocolate count?)
  • Drinking 48 oz of water per day
  • No eating within 2 hours of bed
  • 7 hours of sleep
  • 5 servings of fruits and veggies

    There are 2 freebie points a week that are for your oops moments and if you get a perfect score for the week you get 2 more bonus points! At the end of your set time, you get to add a bonus point for every pound you lost.
No diet soda? No sweets? Do no-sugar-added "sweets" (like my beloved ice cream) count as sweets? I asked Wes what he thought. He thought NSA desserts do count as dessert, and I can't have any, the meanie. But I thought maybe, just maybe, something like this would get me jump-started to lose a little weight this summer. I was going to just do this myself, but I knew that if I was the only one who knew I was doing it, I would give up on about Day 3. Give or take a day or two. Finally Wes said he'd join me. We're going to start Monday, May 25th. Mainly because his birthday is Saturday and I'm planning to make him a Boston Cream Pie. Anyway, we haven't set our reward yet for our own Biggest Loser, but I thought it would be fun to report in here each week for 6 weeks for a bit of accountability. And if you'd like to join us, just leave a comment saying so. I can post a Mr. Linky so we can all leave a report on our blogs, if there's enough interest.

So do you want to join us?


  1. Susan,
    That is so funny that we posted on the same day about our weight loss goals! I can use all the help I can get, so Yes! I'd like to join in. :) It's always nice to have some support and accountability.

  2. Melody6:09 PM

    Susan, I would absolutely love to join in, but at the moment, I don't think I'd be getting any points for pounds lost. LOL!

    That said, I do need to buckle down and start eating healthier. My weight gain this pregnancy has been pretty minimal this time around, but I haven't exactly been careful about how I've been eating. We've had way too many sweets lately - all because I've been craving them!

    I'm looking forward to reading your posts. Hopefully it will help me stay more motivated to eat healthy for me and this little one.

  3. Motivation! How wonderful. I just posted a short video on the Eating 2 Live Blog that may give you some help in your work out. I am doing a Body For Life/Biggest Loser type program. I think I have made my mind up to give up diet pop. That will be the hardest thing for me.
    Check out the video (I plan more in the near future) at

  4. Sharon ~ Glad you're joining us! I plan to post about how we're doing on Mondays, beginning this coming Monday.

    Melody ~ I wouldn't expect you to lose weight, but hopefully we'll be able help each other stay motivated to eat well.

    Bren ~ Isn't it amazing how hard it is to give up sodas? I find myself craving a Coke when I haven't had one for a few days.


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