Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday Night

Today has been a whirlwind day! Andrew had his SATs in Lynden, WA, this morning and had to leave the house before 6:00 am to make sure he didn't get caught in any border traffic. You never know when the border is going to be super busy, making the wait sometimes 3-4 hours or more . . . but usually not that early in the morning. He didn't want us to get up with him, but I was awake at 6:00 anyway and checked to make sure he had gotten up (I can't help it; I'm a mom!). So then I couldn't go back to sleep, even though I went back to bed for an hour.

After showering and having my devotions and breakfast, I got busy preparing food for today and tomorrow. Our guest speaker and his wife were due to arrive this afternoon, and I wanted to get as much done as possible so I could visit. I hate to have to cook while I'm trying to visit; I get terribly sidetracked. So I cooked chicken for a Caesar salad tomorrow night and patted out patties for hamburgers, made coleslaw, sliced tomatoes, onions and lettuce, and made a dessert for tonight. Wes was running last-minute errands during this time, and just as he got home, our evangelist called with what could have been a problem, but wasn't: they didn't all have passports. Until June, that's ok - they can still come into Canada and get back into the US on a photo id or birth certificate. Andrew was still in Lynden, which is just across the border, so he met them and made sure they got through the border ok, then lead them to our house. That really worked out good!

Bro. Chovan, our evangelist, had just flown in from two weeks spent in Japan. So he hadn't eaten since about 5:00 this morning and was just about exhausted from flying all day. So as soon as they arrived, we threw burgers on the grill and had supper. They went to their hotel room very early so he could get to bed and rest well before our conference starts tomorrow. Then I baked 2 apple pies and practiced some music for tomorrow. And now I'm just about ready for bed! It has really been a busy day.

A couple of family updates . . . there were two Hispanic ladies saved tonight at the tent meeting my dad is conducting in SC!!!! We are all thrilled! Mother said the altars were full, so there may be more that were saved, but those two were the ones she knew about. If you live in upstate SC, the tent meeting is on Poinsett Street in Greer, near The Clock restaurant. You can't miss it - big blue-and-white striped tent. I know my parents would love to have you come out (they said you don't have to speak Spanish!) and would love to meet you, and you would be blessed to go out and support the meeting!

My sister, Robyn, and her family were on their way to Robbinsville, NC tonight. They had a little car trouble last night, but that is all fixed and they're almost home. I haven't heard yet if they've arrived. Thanks for praying for them!

Well, that's it for tonight. Tomorrow starts our King James Bible Conference with Bro. Randy Chovan. Please pray for us if you think of us, for our people's hearts to be open to the Lord's voice. We're excited to see what the Lord will do this week!


  1. I'll take some time to pray for the meetings this week! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Your conference sounds wonderful. I will be praying. Please share some of what is taught!

  3. sounds like you have been super busy lately.

  4. I'm sure it was such a help to the evangelist to hav Andrew come help them through the border and then lead them to your home.

    Sounds like a super-busy weekend and week! Hope the conference goes ok!


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