Monday, May 11, 2009


Hi! I hope all you moms had a happy Mother's Day! I did. Sam called yesterday morning before church to wish me a Happy Mother's Day, Andrew gave me a lllllooooonnnggggg hug (the kind you have to detach yourself from), and Beth gave me a little photo album she had made with friends on Thursday. Yesterday was just a normal Sunday spent with our church family, teaching Sunday school and playing the piano.

I'm still going to give you the notes from our Bible conference last week, but it will be a few days yet. Bro. Chovan agreed to share his notes with Wes so that Wes can put them with the audio sermons on our church website. I'm typing up his hand-written notes a little bit every day, and Wes will convert them to a PDF and post them with the sermons. When that's done, I'll post the links and notes here, and maybe add some of my own thoughts (for what they're worth!). I just wanted you to know that they're coming; it's just taking some time.

Sam is officially finished with his sophomore year of college! His tour group travels begin on Wednesday, and they'll be traveling all the way across the nation this summer. He's excited, as he usually is about traveling. He's always wanted to visit Maine and the other New England states, so I'm glad he'll get to do that this year. Even though it means he won't be home till late in the summer, and even then just for a few days. I'll miss him terribly this summer, but I'd never stand in the way of his dreams.

Andrew will be finished with school in a couple more weeks. He'll be very glad to be done! I'm planning a graduation reception for him at our house. I want to make a special cake, but I'm having a hard time deciding what to do. Andrew is not having a ceremony, so I don't want to use the traditional mortarboard and/or diploma on the cake. Any suggestions? I'm also trying to make a simple scrapbook for him (very simple!). I had promised myself I wouldn't wait till the last minute with his like I did with Samuel's. Guess what? It's the last minute and I'm just now starting on it. I've had SO much fun looking through our old pictures through the years! At the same time, I keep finding tears in my eyes as I realize just how quickly my second boy's growing-up years have flown by. But then I can't help but be excited to watch this boy try his wings, to see how he chooses to apply all the training and teaching we've done. I'm gradually learning that there is still a lot more to look forward to in life, even with the children grown and almost grown. Watching their lives unfold is becoming one of the most exciting phases of our life!

So that's where I am this Monday in May. So thankful for all the joys of our life, most especially for our children. A contented Mama.


  1. When my son graduated, we used Jeremiah 29:11 as the theme of his open house. It was on the cake and a banner and he even wore a t-shirt with the verse on it.
    Any verse about the future would be nice. Or if he has a favorite passage that would work too.

  2. I'm gonna keep my eyes on your comments here.. my son is graduating too. :) My parents are having a surprise party for him!! Maybe I'll get a few little extra ideas!
    Sounds like your mother's day was great! I'm glad. :)
    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Susan, I know you said you weren't wanting traditional mortarboard or diploma ideas, but look at what I just posted here...very cute idea from Taste of Home

  4. For my daughter last year when she graduated, I made an according style board and I scanned a picture of each birthday and scrapbooked her birthday #1, #2 etc. I also put pictures along the board of important things like when she was saved, started playing the piano and singing for the Lord, got her first job etc. Also had some funny pictures and I found several potters hand pictures and put things like, "the potter begins his work" at salvation, "the work continues" etc. At the last panel I had "and the potters work continues..." I put some tea cups and some scriptures made on the table that she really liked. I had her first quilt she made and rag doll etc. It turned out very nice. I know you'll make it special.

  5. Great ideas! I thought of something like running track -- maybe even hurdles -- with the idea of finishing the course.

    It is hard when kids are away for the summer, but the Lord can do so much through those times. This is the first time in years Jason won't be gone for the summer.

  6. Ladies, you have given me some great ideas! Thank you all so much. I hope if you think of any more you'll come and post them here so others can see them too!


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