Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Life is Good

Just running by for a minute to say that our conference is going great this week! I do plan to post some notes from the sermons, but I'm going to have to listen to them again and take some thorough notes. There is just so much information!

We had a large crowd Monday night. Several of our sister churches came over - I think there were people from 4 other churches there. We met in a different room than we normally do, and I loved it for the difference it made in the music. The room we normally have is large with a tile floor and fairly high ceiling; the room we had Monday is fully carpeted and has a lower ceiling. What a difference those 2 things made in the sound of our music!

The group was smaller Tuesday night, but we did have a few people come from a couple of other churches. Tonight we'll have another church joining us for their Wednesday night service. That is exciting. It's also been a long time since I've been to church on Wednesday night like everyone else. We have our mid-week on Thursday night, and it felt really odd at first not being in church on Wednesday night!

We received Sam's itinerary for his WCBC summer tour group. They'll be in some midwestern states, and will spend about 6 weeks in New England and Ontario, Canada. If any of you live in Michigan, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, any New England states, or Ontario, and would like to hear his group sing, let me know and I can tell you when & where he'll be.

We sure have enjoyed our fellowship with the Chovans! One of the best parts of ministry is meeting other like-minded families . . . and one of the worst parts is saying goodbye when their time with you is over! They will leave tomorrow to go farther into BC for more meetings. We do share our Facebook pages, though, so it will be fun to keep up with them through that.

Well, one more night of conference, then it's on to everyday living again. We have lots of that going on, I tell ya! LOL


  1. I always enjoy camp meetings or conferences too. I love being around Christians that are like-minded all week. Enjoy!

  2. Can you email me the churches Sam will be in? :)


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