Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Night

We've had a beautiful day here in Vancouver, and from the weather forecasts, I think we're in for a week or two of repeats - sunny and low-to-mid-70s. Can it get any better than that?! When the sun comes out here, there is no more beautiful, comfortable place on earth than Vancouver, BC!

Well, I've been trying to prepare myself for this challenge Wes and I are beginning on Monday. Today I tried to have no sodas or sweets (even diet) . . . and I made it till supper. I had a diet Pepsi with my homemade chicken alfredo pizza! I only got about 40 ounces of water in me, too. The bright side . . . I have exercised for 3 days in a row and have taken all my vitamins and meds faithfully! So at least some of this challenge won't be so challenging!

We have a full weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow is Wes's birthday! He will once again catch up with me and I won't be the "older woman" anymore. I'm waiting right now for the cake part of his birthday Boston Cream Pie to cool before I go to bed. I'll get up and fix the pudding and glaze tomorrow morning before we leave to attend a friend's wedding just across the border in Lynden, WA. This young lady has been a blessing to know while we've lived here, and we're excited to see her married to a guy she met in college at WCBC. Then we'll go out to Red Robin to celebrate Wes's birthday and come home for dessert. On Sunday we're having a missionary couple in our morning service. They are the parents of one of the pastor's wives here in the area, and they're moving up to be a helper to the church planters. What a blessing that will be! Bro. Odom has been a pastor himself, so he will be an excellent help to the pastors and churches here. Also, they're from Texas, which will give our people another glimpse of southerners. You know, somebody besides me! ;) Wes said he ought to charge admission to see real live Texans. Sometimes it seems that Canadians have a certain preconceived idea of Texans that is quite funny to us . . . sort of like most Americans have preconceived ideas of Canadians that are quite funny to Canadians! So a little mixing of the cultures this weekend at Lions Gate.

My cake should be getting cool by now, so I'll go and get ready for bed. Have a blessed weekend, and enjoy your Memorial Day!


  1. I had NO diet soda yesterday. It was hard to do. I have none in the house, and plan to buy none. I did make some decaf iced tea and sweetened it with Splenda. That helped.

  2. I was raised in TX and ran into the same perceptions at college. People expected me to have a "hick" accent, cowboy boots, 10-gallon hat, live on a ranch, have a father who had an oil well, etc., etc. Too funny!


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