Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I just finished watching the commencement service at West Coast Baptist College, where our son Samuel is a student. I enjoy watching special services there for a couple of reasons. One is that Samuel sings or has an acting part in many of these events, and it gives me an opportunity to see him, shameless mama that I am! The other is that I get a peek into the ministry there and see what's going on. This church is on fire, and they are training young men and women with this same fervency.

I saw a few of the young men and ladies we've met and come to know through tour groups coming here in the summer. Several of those graduated today. One of our young friends from here in Vancouver also graduated today - congratulations, Candace! One young man we met last summer, who toured with Samuel, won second place in the preaching contest that was held last week, and one young lady we've known through tour groups was granted the President's Award for Servant Leadership this year. Call me crazy, but I cheered here at home for each of them! LOL

What really touched my heart today was a new award presented by the college, the Caleb Award for faithfulness in the ministry. It was presented to a pastor I'd never heard of who has been in the ministry for 64 years! He is 94 years old, and was there with his wife of 63 years. He had planned to preach till he was 100, just 6 more years, but he got cancer and wasn't able to continue preaching past last November. As I sat here with tears running down my face, I looked down through the years and prayed that someday, Wes and I can say we've been in ministry for 64 years, that our sons and our daughter can say someday that they've served the Lord all their lives. I said I'd never heard of this pastor for a reason . . . there are thousands upon thousands of men and women who are faithfully serving the Lord quietly in the place where God planted them, year after year, without ever being recognized by other men. But the Lord sees, and oh the rewards laid up in Heaven for all those faithful to Him!


  1. AMEN!!! Wow I love West Coast! We have gotten to visit a few times. I would love for my boys to go there down the road if it´s God´s will for them. They have their sights on Maranatha Baptist College right now as it´s the only Baptist college with football. LOL... they are only 10,8,7 so a lot can change. I knew which college though I wanted to go to when I was 7.

    That is totally amazing about that pastor! What a blessing! Thank you for sharing!

    Have to go get my crew from Karate. God bless!

  2. What a testimony! I too hope that I can serve God that many years.

  3. Wow, what a faithful man! That's such a blessing to hear, thanks for sharing. (o:

  4. Its so true the Lord see's all the work going on.
    Amazing Testimony, thankyou for sharing.


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