Friday, April 03, 2009

That Crazy Car

Well . . . the car is still in the shop. The mechanic called today and said they've tested the radiator, and it's not the radiator. They are figuring it's the engine, which is still under warranty from last year's work. One of our church families offered the use of her car for the weekend, for which we are very grateful!

So often I think maybe it wasn't God's will for us to have this car after all, because it's been so much trouble. Surely we wouldn't have so much trouble with something that was God's will! But then I remember Job. He sure had lots of trouble, and God knew all about it, even allowed it to happen. So I remember, and I choose to trust God, because He knows what He's doing!


  1. Car troubles just are not fun.....will be praying!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Car troubles are no fun! Praying for you. Have a great weekend. Jenn (Armommy)

  3. I'm so sorry for the car troubles and the frustrations it causes. To me those things are harder to trust to God's providence than "trials" like illness. I was frustrated with an errant copy machine today that kept choking, and I'd have to open it and dig crumpled papers out of the bowels of the copier -- and I was trying to copy the ladies' booklet, so it was "for the Lord," and I had a million things to do today and was running behind. I knew God was more powerful than a moody copier and could make it run right...but He allows even those things in His providence. I guess those things have their "pruning" effects, too.


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