Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kendrick: Watch His Story!

Here's a news story filmed about our friends, Allen and Alicia Little, and their little boy, Kendrick, who has a brain tumor. I told Alicia that I've seen news stories like this before, and I always hurt for the families in them, but it's far different when you actually know the people in the news story. For one thing, it hurts a lot more when you know the people; you cry real tears while you watch it, tears from deep in your heart. Another thing that makes it different when you know the family is that you know the Source of their strength, even when the news story makes no mention of it! I know that Allen and Alicia love the Lord with all their hearts, and I know from their updates how He has led them through this valley and ministered to their very souls.

It's not a long video, so I hope you'll watch it and get to know, just a little bit, the family I've been asking you to pray for. Please continue to pray for them!

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  1. Thank you, Susan, for that video link. I will remember to pray for the family.

  2. So heartbreaking. I spent some time in prayer for this family this morning, as I'm staying home from church on account of sickness. Thank you!

  3. your post and it seems to me that you are nice and Godly, i want to add you as my friend but I dont know how, I am new here...i want to be one of your friend or followers?? hope to know you more! godbless!

  4. teJan . . . thank you for coming by and leaving a comment! If you'd like to follow my blog, just go over to my sidebar and find the Subscribe area. You can subscribe to my blog posts there.

    Sarah, thanks for taking the time this morning to pray for the Littles. I know they appreciate it!

    Thanks for praying, Pam!

  5. Thanks for sharing this link with us, Susan. I've been praying for this precious family. Now I'm off to go peek in on my sleeping babies.


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