Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Weekend

Here it is Tuesday already, and I'm just now posting about our weekend! We had a good time. We left Friday morning around 11:00, stopped halfway there for lunch and a coffee, then got to Whistler around 2:30 or so. When we arrived there was mixed rain and snow with gusty winds, but within a couple of hours the sun was out and it was a beautiful afternoon. I had prayed for sunshine, and for most of the time we were there, the sun was at least coming through the clouds.

You know how it is, ladies, when you try to relax at home? Even if you don't actually get up and do anything, you know there's stuff you really should or could do, so you don't completely relax. Well. Going away for the night must have completely relaxed me! After we checked into our condo and fixed our supper, I sat down to get warm. Once I was warm . . . I was out like a light! I just couldn't stay awake. We were going to play a game, but the hockey playoffs are going on, and the Canucks were playing Friday night. So "we" watched the game instead. I woke up for a little while after the game, then went back to sleep, woke up and went to bed and slept all night. I still can't figure it out, except that I completely relaxed.

We had a leisurely Saturday morning, with checkout not until noon. I enjoyed a quiet time of devotions, then a lovely drive home. The scenery between here and Whistler is spectacular, especially on a sunny day. The mountains are still snow-covered, lakes and rivers still icy around Whistler, then closer to Vancouver the coves and bays come into view as you drive closer to the ocean. Even after 4 1/2 years, I'm still not tired of the beautiful place God has given us to live and work! We have a lot of cloudy and rainy days, but those clouds give us so many different views of the mountains as they wisp around them, and the sunny days are so worth all the rain! We love it.

We had a good day at church on Sunday. Two of our nannies brought their little charges to church with them (we love it when the parents allow the children to come to church with their nannies), so I had several children for Sunday school. I had infants through third graders! LOL Have you ever tried to play a game with preschoolers?! Well, at least we tried and the kids had fun.

Sunday night was another hockey game, so another pastor family in the area recorded it and invited us over to watch the game after church. We had to stay away from the radio so we wouldn't hear the score. We enjoyed pizza and salad and good fellowship . . . and the Canucks won their third game in this series. They're playing again tonight. Fourth game, best of seven wins. So it could be a sweep tonight. We're watching it now. The series is against the St. Louis Blues, with tonight's game in St. Louis. The tension is high, the game is tied, and the third period is about to start!

Our car is supposed to be ready tomorrow. Wes called this afternoon and they had the oil back in and had it running. They were going to drive it today and let it sit overnight to make sure it doesn't have any leaks anywhere. Even the mechanic is beginning to scratch his head over this car! LOL We have no choice but to drive it till it falls apart at this point.

Which brings me to the Town Hall for Hope by Dave Ramsey on Thursday night. It's a free, live event hosted by Ramsey, simulcast in venues all over North America at 8:00 p.m. EDT via the Internet (there's a rebroadcast at 7:00 PDT for the west coast). We have our mid-week service on Thursday, so we're showing this during our Bible study time. Are any of you watching it? I'm pretty excited. I had heard of Dave Ramsey, but never really paid any attention to any of his teaching. This week, Wes and I have been reading his website and talking about his Seven Baby Steps to financial peace (we flybabies know about baby steps!). I believe his steps are very doable for practically everyone - even missionaries on a fluctuating income with a wayward car! :) I also believe that being debt-free would be honoring to the Lord, just as much as tithing and giving are honoring to the Lord. I have Ramsey's book, The Total Money Makeover, on hold at the library and can't wait to read it. I'm wondering if any of you have read his stuff and/or worked his plan. I would really love to hear your experience if you have! I am reconsidering my frugality - or lack thereof - and trying to find ways to save and/or make a buck here and there. Times are hard for everyone, everywhere, and while I don't despair, I do believe we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the money we do have.

I'm beginning to ramble. Wes says I write epistles! LOL So I'll go, and wish you a happy day!


  1. Hi Susan,
    Great post. So true.
    Hope all is well with you. Happy Day to you too!
    hugs Sandra nz

  2. Hi Susan! My husband and I are big Dave Ramsey fans. I found his book years ago at a garage sale for $2. We moved across the country, and didn't really start trying to apply his principles until quite a while later. The summer my husband started working two jobs and we almost lost our house despite that....we turned back, re-read the book, and started applying his steps.

    God alone gets the full credit for how our finances turned around, but the Dave Ramsey book truly was a big tool that He used.

    I've not totalled how much debt we've paid off in that two years, and am not sure I'd be comfortable sharing that amount publicly if I did know it. But I will tell you one thing - we learned to change our thinking about money. Now we have a solid plan for paying off the remainder of our debt, and Lord willing, will be debt free except our house in two years. AND - that's while my husband is trying to go back to Bible college.

    I posted about it a bit on my blog, with more of our story. http://blog.yorkteachingstudio.com/2009/02/21/finances-2/

    Well, I'd better close this comment before it too becomes an epistle. :O)

  3. Hey Susan,
    I'm tired just reading your post. you've been busy!
    Glad you had such a great time away. I love hotels, there's nothing like sitting with nothing that needs to be done for a day or two anyhow.

    Glad you enjoyed the hockey, I won't pretend to know anything about it, but glad you enjoy it.

    Enjoy your seminar thinggy. I don't know him but hope you enjoy it!

    Have a great day!

  4. You know, I am just the opposite when I travel. I can't seem to sleep well. I'm glad you got completely relaxed and rested up. Evidently your body needed it!!

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    I've not read or heard any of Ramsey's stuff.

    Our ladies' luncheon is tomorrow. I'd appreciate your prayers!!

  5. HI SUSAN.





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