Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Stuff

It's a gorgeous day in Vancouver!!! The sun is shining and we're looking for temps around 60-65 degrees - perfect weather!

Thanks for all your comments about the social networking article by Dr. Chappell. I am just eating up articles like that right now, anything to do with time management and the internet, because that is where I am: learning to balance all the good things we can find online with my real-life commitments and people.

I have tidbits of news from all over our family that I thought might be of interest to you. First of all, our church is holding a Bible Conference this weekend and early next week with Evangelist Randy Chovan. He will be preaching each service on how we got our King James Bible. I'm pretty excited about this conference because Bro. Chovan is such a good teacher. Every sermon I've heard from him has been easy to understand and absorb. I'm looking forward to taking notes and sharing them with you here!

Sam finishes his second year of college in just two weeks! I can't believe he is halfway through college already. He's had a very busy year, carrying 21 credits this semester, working part-time in campus security, singing in the college choir, acting in plays, and teaching a Saturday class of boys. And the occasional date. Can't forget that! LOL He is going on tour again this summer, but his group is not coming our way. They'll be in the American midwest. We honestly don't know when we'll get to see him again! He also has a couple of possible job opportunities available for next year already lined up.

Andrew is taking his SAT this Saturday. He has applied to West Coast Baptist College for his freshman year (already?!), and is trying to find a job for this summer. Job hunting's been difficult this year; we're not quite sure yet what he'll do for the summer, since he is not eligible to work here in Canada. Last year's situation working with his uncle was great, but unavailable this year. So we'll just wait and pray a bit longer and see what works out. He's pretty excited to finally be going to college!

My father-in-law is recovering well from the surgery he had a couple of weeks ago. His stitches are out and he can drive again. He and my MIL will be spending the summer in the US, but unfortunately, we won't be going to the southeast anytime this year, so we won't get to see them this trip. That's ok, because someday we'll never have to part again! ;)

My dad is the director of the Hispanic ministry at his church in SC, and they are holding a Hispanic tent revival this week and next. They have blanketed the area where they live with flyers about the meeting. The first night saw two people from the community and the Hispanic church from another church in the area. I haven't heard yet how things went last night. My parents have a heart to see these folks saved and are working hard to get the Gospel to them. Please pray for souls to be saved!

My sister, Robyn, a missionary in Mexico, lead an 11-year-old Mexican girl to the Lord last weekend. This little girl lost her father in a car accident several years ago, and she was upset about the way her life was going. Robyn was able to introduce her to the Best Friend she'll ever have, the Lord Jesus. I was especially touched by Robyn's interaction with this particular girl, because Robyn can speak to her from experience: her own father was killed in an accident when she was a pre-schooler. What a blessing to be able to tell this girl that she herself had a Friend who never leaves her, even growing up without her daddy! You might remember or have guessed by this point that Robyn is actually my stepsister, and my dad became her dad many years ago, when we were teenagers. How amazingly God uses everything in our lives for His glory! It is not a coincidence at all that my sister, who lost her dad in an accident, was sent to a little mountain village in Mexico to meet another little girl who lost her dad, so that she could tell her about Jesus! Does that do anything at all to your heart?!!!

Finally, more about Robyn and her family. They are missionaries in a little village southwest of Mexico City. Unless your head has been buried in the sand for the past week, you've heard of the swine flu outbreak that has been centered in Mexico and is spreading in North America and other parts of the world. Clark, Robyn, and their seven children are leaving Mexico today, upon the advice of their pastor and director of their mission board. None of them are sick, but there have been some cases of swine flu in their village. They were scheduled to come home on furlough in June, so this is just a few weeks earlier than they had planned to leave. Please pray for them as they travel to the border and then on to SC. I know they would appreciate your prayers, not just for them, but for the precious church family they are leaving behind. Here is what Robyn wrote on her Facebook page last night:

thanking the Lord that in the middle of drug cartels, kidnappings, and the swine flu I can still have peace. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in Thee!"


  1. Sounds like things continue to be interesting in your life.

    Praise God for the testimony of this young girl who Robyn shared with.

    Hoping for good travels and no sickness for
    Robyn and her family. This reminds me that we need to check in with our missionary friends in Mexico.

    Have a great weekend conference.

    Becky K.

  2. Wow, busy busy! We can't wait to see you soon! I'll be praying for Andrew to find a job this summer-I know how much of a difference it can make to have some capital to plunk down on one's bill right at the beginning of the semester.

    I've been keeping close watch on the news coming out of Mexico, particularly Mexico City. I understand why so many are so frightened, and we're praying for peace and health for our friends there! It's good that your sis and her family is safe. We will be in prayer for them today to make it through the border crossing easily!

  3. Wonderful update on your family.
    I plan to look at the article you talked about in your last post. Time is one thing I waste a lot of.

  4. I enjoyed the update! I love what you said about some day never parting again.

    What a neat opportunity Robyn had with the little girl! Love her word of testimony at the end.

  5. Becky, thank you for praying for Robyn and family. They are in the US, but still just heading for the LA border.

    Sarah, I can't wait to see you! After all these years, we finally get to meet in person!

    Bren, I hope it's as helpful to you as it was to me! I can't imagine you wasting time, though - you totally amaze me with all you get done.

    Barbara, the "never parting again" part is what keeps us all going! I just love to hear about the work Robyn and Clark are doing, and this story just blessed me to no end. I don't for one minute minimize her father's death, but truly all things do work together for God's glory and our good.


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