Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Post on Social Networking

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Social networking - keeping in contact through such online media as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter - is becoming ever more commonplace. As I've mentioned before, women are prime candidates for addiction to social networking because of our social nature. I recently read an excellent article entitled The Blessings and Pitfalls of Social Networking by Pastor Paul Chappell. I wanted to pass it along to you, as I believe the things Pastor Chappell says in this article are valuable and worthy of our consideration. I noted that he mentioned several more pitfalls to social networking than there are blessings - something to consider! His spiritual admonitions are especially helpful, and his conclusion mirrors my desire: May we endeavor to walk in the Spirit and apply biblical principles as we use technology to glorify Him.

There's no doubt that social networking is here to stay. I'm increasingly aware that we need to be mindful of our time and intentions as we interact with each other online and learn to use the available technology wisely!


  1. What a excellant link Susan...I struggle with much of this...and find, I don't get REAL things done, sometimes....
    I am trying not spending as much time on the puter and not as many posts...
    If you don't mind, I am going to linke Pastor Chappell's article as well...we women need to hear this stuff...

  2. A wonderful, very biblical and helpful article. I especially appreciate the admonition to use the law of kindness and humility in our dealings online. It is definitely something we should evaluate periodically and make sure we are pleasing the Lord in this area! I've also cut back on my time on the internet in general this past year.

  3. Okay so I opened the link but haven't read it yet, I'm scared of what I may learn!

    Thanks for posting this.

  4. Thought provoking. I definately believe that women, especially stay at home wives/mothers can easily get caught up in this. Thank you for the reminder! I am eager to check out Bro Chappel's article!

  5. Excellent reminder!! It is so true that we can get caught up in the social networking...and you're right...especially women! That was a very good link!!

  6. What a very helpful article! Thank you for sharing,



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