Monday, March 09, 2009

Surprise! It's Snowing!

Just when I was thinking spring was almost here . . . it started snowing! The weather forecasters had been calling for a few flurries on Saturday morning and again for Sunday, but no accumulations were mentioned. In fact, both days turned out to be beautiful and sunny, although very cold. Then yesterday afternoon, about 3:30, I went to lie down for a short nap before church. I glanced out our bedroom window and remarked to Wes that it was snowing - sweet little fluffy flakes just gently falling down. When I woke up an hour later, the evergreen trees in the back yard had a light coating of snow on them! As we got ready for church, the snow tapered off again, but on the way there, the snowflakes got huge, the size of silver dollars! And they were coming down in gallons. It was absolutely beautiful! I don't think I've ever been in snowflakes that big and that heavy. It snowed the entire time we were in church, just one hour, and had covered all the cars and grass in about 2 inches of snow - in one hour!

The sun came out just in time to set and give us a gorgeous picture of the snow in rosy golds and pinks. Then the sky cleared, the wind stilled, and the trees covered in snow in the street lights were just beautiful. I know I keep using that word over and over, but that's the only word I have for it! We went to bed with no snow falling, but more fell overnight. It's just now stopped snowing and the sun is peeking through the clouds. We rarely get sunshine in the winter, but to have it shine on the snow, through the trees, is . . . well, beautiful! A treat, for sure.

That's out unexpected treat today - flurries that managed to give us about 3-4 inches of snow! LOL We're enjoying looking at it, but I really do hope that spring isn't far away. I even dreamed last night that a friend needed me to fly to Florida with her. Wes said that was my reaction to the snow! LOL

I hope you all have a great day, and that you're enjoying this day that the Lord has made!


  1. Susan~ The new blog look is wonderful! I love when the snow sticks to everything it is BEAUTIFUL!!

    Have a great day

  2. I agree wtih Brother Wes. Must have been a Freudian dream. HA haaaa!

    I'm enjoying our spring weather, but my mother in law just told me a little bit ago that we're expecting some cold weather back in soon. I haven't heard that on the news yet, but then I haven't been watching the news either. :P


  3. It's 83 degrees here today. ;)

  4. We've had more snow too...but I'm failing to see the beauty! LOL...Actually it's not that bad...the one thing Manitoba has it's lots of sunshine in the winter, thankfully.
    I like the new look too!

  5. It is currently blizzarding at our house. We have gotten about 60 inches of snow this winter (it is still all out there) and have gotten about a foot in the last 48 hours. The temp is 1 degree. I am right there with you on the Florida flight!


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