Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Still Some Honest People

First, thank you all for your comments on the Meet My Bible post! Be sure to let me know if you do one yourself; I'd love to meet your Bible!

Today, Wes and I went up to the little mall in our community to run some errands. I got a small check cashed as he did some banking, then I headed over to the library to return some DVDs while he went to the post office. He told me to meet him at Starbucks for some coffee when I was finished at the library, and I didn't argue a bit with that. So we sat and drank our coffee while I leafed through a new cookbook I picked up at the library. When we left, I picked up my book and my coffee . . . but forgot my purse hanging on my chair!

I didn't even realize my purse was missing until we got home. Wes backed out of the driveway again to go back up there. My purse had my money I'd just gotten, my debit and credit cards, medical cards, my cell phone . . . basically my whole life, you know?! I prayed all the way up there that no one had taken my purse. We had sat right by the front door; it would be so easy just to grab it and keep on walking. My heart sunk when I walked in. My purse wasn't on the chair anymore. I went to the counter and said, "I left my purse here just a few minutes ago . . ." and before I could finish the cashier said, "We gotcha!" She went to the back and came out asking me what color it was. I began describing it in detail, and she laughed and handed it to me. I was so relieved! I checked everything as I walked out the door. It was all there.

I'm so glad there are still some honest people out there!


  1. That's great! What a relief!

  2. What a relief! I've left my purse like that before and it almost makes you panic! I'm glad for ya!
    By the way, I put a "Meet My Bible" post up on my blog today! What fun! :) Thanks again so much for posting that!

  3. Wow! That is so good!

  4. I'm so glad that it was turned in.


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