Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Some Bargains

Wes and I went down to Washington today to check our post-office box and go to pick up my new ring. It fits perfectly and I love it!

While we were down there, we stopped at Value Village, a thrift store. Now, thrift stores in WA and Canada are no match for the deals I used to find in Texas, but at least the one in WA has better deals than the ones here. I found a couple of pieces of fabric that I fell in love with, an embroidered denim and a floral print. I want to make a skirt from the denim and some bags from the print, and maybe use some of the denim along with the print. There's a couple of yards in each piece. I also found bunches of Quick Cooking and Light & Tasty magazines for 49 cents each. I only got 6, but there were a lot more. And I found a Bible study by Elizabeth George and a book by Lori Wick. And a scrapbooking book.

Yesterday I ran across a blog that has a lot of information about good deals, coupons and ways to make money online through surveys and such as that - Moms By Heart. I found a few coupons to print out for our trip today. One was was for Bath & Body Works for a free Signature Collection shower gel with a purchase of $10.00. When we got there, they were having a sale . . . buy 2 and get 1 free, Signature Collection products. So I asked the sales person (jokingly) if I could buy two products to get one free and use one of those two products as the $10.00 purchase to get the shower gel free. She thought for a minute, then said she'd try it. So I chose some things for myself and Beth, she rang them up, then ran the specials through . . . and it worked! I got four products for the price of two, with a zip-and-go tote thrown in for free (I chose the turquoise)!

I also found some printable coupons for Crunch & Munch, our latest snack-food hangup. The coupons were for $1 off 2 boxes. At Wal Mart, they were $1.25/box, so each box cost us 75 cents - as compared to $2.99/box at our cheapest store here. I had another coupon for Campbell's cream soups, $1 off 2 cans. Cream of chicken soups were priced at 2/$2, bringing them down to 50 cents/can with the coupon. I don't know how much those are here, because I quit buying them here a long time ago! I printed 2 of each coupon, so we got 4 boxes of the popcorn and 4 cans of soup.

Finally, for lunch, I had printed off two coupons for Arby's new Beef Burger - buy a drink and get the sandwich free. My lunch cost a little over a dollar, and Wes's was around $5 because he got some of those potato square things.

It seems that the Lord is bringing some sites across my path to help me save on some things and get some nice things now and then (read: I have been getting very spoiled!). I've been thinking of all the things I could get for the boys in college (Andrew goes this fall) and use for gifts. As I come across things, I'll share them with you. And if you know of some good sites for coupons, freebies, and deals, please share them with us. I love, love, love good deals!

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  1. I think you'll enjoy Moonlight On the Millpond. I received it as a gift a couple of years ago.:)


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