Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just a Quick Post

Just a quick post to let you know what we did today. Wes is feeling much better; he's quite his old self again, for which I'm thankful! We're taking Spring Break this week, so we're all sleeping in and our days are very relaxed. Tonight we had our teens and the teens from Anchor Baptist Church over to watch the hockey game, Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars. Although I'm not much of a hockey fan, it was exciting - especially when Vancouver won! There was lots of noise, boys cheering and girls chattering. When all was said and done, we had 16 people in our living room. We are thankful for a house big enough to accommodate large groups, one of the reasons we loved our house when we found it.

Tomorrow Wes and I are doing our monthly shopping. It'll be a full day, and we'll enjoy our time together. I have a gift card for a restaurant in Bellingham that we're going to try to use. I earned it through MyPoints. I also earned a Wal Mart gift card, which I'm sending to Sam tomorrow along with a cake that Beth made. We figure the cake will be gone within 5 minutes of his opening it. Those kinds of things tend to disappear quickly when there are college-age guys within 100 feet or so! ;)

Pastor Ben Turner, who had surgery for cancer last Monday, received a good report today: the cancer was all located in one place, so they were able to remove it all. He hasn't heard yet whether he'll need any further treatment, but thus far his recovery is going well. Praise the Lord!

Our annual Men of the Word conference is next week. The guest speaker is Dr. Eldon Martens, from Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA. His wife is accompanying him, so I get to fellowship with her while he and the men are at the conference. I've met her once before, when we took Sam down for college the first time, and she is a delightful lady. I'm looking forward to getting to know her, and I've also planned a lunch date with her and the other pastors' wives in our area. I'm pretty excited, because we are always busy with our families and homes and homeschooling and rarely (never before?) have lunch together with just us. I hope it will be a treat for each lady and for Mrs. Martens.

Many of you have left comments recently. I have enjoyed them so much, and I plan to answer you - I just haven't had a chance to answer them all yet. Please know that I read each one and appreciate the time you take to comment - and thanks for your patience with my dragging feet!

That's it for tonight. It's already after 11:00 and we need to be out the door about 7:00 tomorrow morning, so I'd better get to bed. Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Sounds like you and your family stay pretty busy. Glad to hear your taking a break this week. Wish I could. :o) Enjoy your time with ladies. My sister and I had a "sister day" this past Sat. and it was so wonderful and needful.


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