Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Forgot . . .

I forgot to tell you about where we went Tuesday night. Every year Wes is contacted by the Vancouver Police Department, selling tickets to the Old Timers' Hockey Challenge. It's an annual series of hockey game benefitting various charities throughout Canada. The teams consist of retired NHL legends and the various fire and police departments of the cities participating. And it is so. much. fun.

The game is very light-hearted, and also very one-sided! LOL The "old-timers" are, after all, professional hockey players. They usually pretty much beat the socks off the fire or police team, and last night was no exception at 15-6. The police team doesn't seem to mind; everyone seems to just be having a good time. There's a good bit of goofing off and laughing, and the police rookies got lots of pranks pulled on them! ;)

Between periods there were laser light shows (very cool, but made me feel sick to watch), performances by various singers and skaters, including a synchronized skating team, and a couple of prize giveaways. The cutest part was when the old-timers played a team of little girls who were all about 4 years old - the little girls beat 'em pretty bad, too! ;) There was even Crazy Claude, a man who reminded us an awful lot of my father-in-law(!), who tried to get the crowd excited about the game. He was full of goofy tricks, including playing little ditties throughout the evening on his trumpet. He seemed like just a crazy old man, till he went out on the ice to play What a Wonderful World on his trumpet - it was beautiful!

This was my first hockey game, and now my thirst for the real thing has been whetted! LOL Pro games (NHL) are too expensive just to pick up and go, so maybe Wes will take me to a minor league game sometime. Here in Vancouver it's the Giants. We'll see. I'm not into fighting and all that, which is bound to happen at a hockey game, but it might be exciting! LOL I read of a missionary wife somewhere in Canada who was normally very mild, but when her husband took her to a hockey game, she surprised him by yelling "Kill 'em!" when a fight broke out. Hmmm. Wonder if my alter-ego would come out like that? :)

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  1. Cool! I went to a hockey game near Lancaster in my first year for a college activity. They did have a fight, if I remember right.


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