Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family Doings

We've had a busy week! I have been online some, but haven't taken the time to post anything here - which is obvious I guess! LOL I've had plenty of thoughts and composed lots of entries in my head, but none of them have made it past my fingers.

We have been busy. Last week was Spring Break, so our normal routine was off. We played a lot, and Beth worked some, helping a friend. We played several games of Monopoly (I usually got wiped off the board, except for the night that we were playing late and I couldn't hold my eyes open to finish!), and Andrew and I played Scrabble.

Friday night, Wes and I rented Fireproof and watched it. The kids were out for part of the evening, but they came in about 30 minutes into the movie and watched it with us. We were very pleased with it: it's totally clean, has a good story line, has humor, and it clearly presents the Gospel. What a blessing! I loved being able to relax and watch a movie without the remote in hand. I watched the Duggar Family's show a couple of weeks ago, and they met Kirk Cameron, the star of Fireproof. They asked him about the kiss near the end of the movie. He replied that the person he kissed in that scene was actually his real-life wife, Chelsea. I already admired him for his stand for Christ, but when I heard that he had kept his promise to his wife to never kiss another woman, my admiration for him soared!

This week we're busy getting ready for our church's annual Men of the Word Conference. I've been helping Wes here and there (he doesn't ask much of me during this time, so I'm anxious to help him when he does ask) and getting ready to entertain the speaker's wife while the men are gone. We have a luncheon planned with area pastors' wives on Friday, then supper Friday night and lunch on Saturday at my house. We'll have both of them for supper on Saturday and dinner on Sunday, plus we're wrapping up an attendance campaign at church Sunday morning. From today on out, this week is packed. I'm looking forward to being so busy, but I'm sure that Monday will be a day to rest, for sure!

I'll wrap up for now. I'm running over to the salon to get my hair cut, then back home to work on some more grading - I am behind in that yet again - and to help Wes a bit more. I've tried to read for pleasure every day this week, but so far I've only managed to get in a few pages. I will remedy that Friday night! One of my favorite things to do is read in bed, so that's my big plan this Friday. Nothing like living on the wild side! LOL

Have a good weekend, and I'll see you sometime next week!

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  1. Sounds like things are going well up there, or over there, not sure!
    I hate monopoly! It is such a long game, and I get bored very easily!

    Hey the Men of the Word conference sounds great. Is that connected with the one in Texas?

    Hey we just found out a very good friend of ours moved from Trinity to your home church. When your home and meet the Fugates, give them a hug for us, her anyways!

    Enjoy your reading, today is Friday!


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