Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Chance Meeting

Wes and I went to Washington for our monthly shopping trip yesterday. As we were doing our shopping at Wal Mart, a lady walked up and said, "Excuse me . . ." and I assumed she just wanted to get past us. But then she stopped and asked if my name was Susan. Very surprised, I said yes, and she made this startling announcement: "I read your blog!" I was amazed! I've never been approached in public by a complete stranger who reads my blog.

It turns out that Lenni has been reading my blog for a while, even commenting a few times. I do remember when she commented that she lived in the same area of Washington where I'd attended a ladies' retreat last year. We both were amazed that we were in Wal Mart at the same time and that she recognized me. We talked for a few minutes, I met her daughter, and we went our separate ways. Of course, Wes had his phone with him, so we had to get a picture! After Lenni was gone, I commented to Wes that it was a good thing I wasn't yelling at him or something! LOL You just never know who might be around, you know?!

Lenni, it was so nice to meet you and your daughter! Thank you for taking a minute and a chance with a stranger to introduce yourself. You were a great encouragement to me!


  1. oh Susan I love things like this...meeting you in person was such a blessing too...makes things seem more real...

  2. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Oh Susan,
    You are a lovely woman inside and out! I had so many words...sorry about that!
    It was so nice to meet the both of you and talk with you.
    When we got in the car my daughter said, "Mom, they were so nice. It was kinda like we knew them" I just smiled and said "When people are christians the bible says we are bothers and sisters in Christ so they are family" She smiled and said "That's so nice"
    Thank you for being a living testimony to our wonder Lord! It really touched her heart in a special way! I was just thrilled!
    By the way...if there is anything I can do for you on this end just let me know.
    Your sister down south,

  3. That is so nice that y'all got to meet

  4. Wow, it's defiantly a small world!!!

  5. You are a funny bunny, yelling at your husband, who would do such a thing! Oh!
    Sounds like you and your husband were a wonderful testimony to that little girl.
    Keep Sweet,

  6. That is so neat! It is a small world.

  7. Lenni, it was such a joy to meet you. We both had plenty to say! LOL Hope to see you again sometime!


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