Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beautiful Week

After our surprise snowfall, we've had a beautiful week! Although it's been cold, we've had sunshine every day. It looks springy out there; it just doesn't feel like it! ;) It's kind of funny how used to the clouds we get. I find myself getting irritated when the sun gets in my eyes. That's when I remember how often we actually get such bright sunshine and quickly adjust my attitude!

Although I hate it when we change the time every spring, I love love love the longer evenings! It's so nice to have light past 6:00, and on these clear days, the sunsets are so pretty with the soft colors against the snow on the mountains. I still haven't gotten over how pretty it is here!

I've been on a reading binge here lately. I've read The Parting by Beverly Lewis and Charade by Gilbert Morris just over the weekend and earlier this week. I love to read, and when I get into a book it's all I can do to put it down. Which is why I don't read very often! Wes walked into the room yesterday where I was reading and remarked that I had to hurry and get that book finished so I could do something else. He wasn't being mean. He was actually teasing, but there was the truth in there. So now I have the second in the Lewis series, The Forbidden, but I'm saving my reading for when other things are done, and then trying to (trying!) limit my time reading. I did good today, but I still have other things I should be doing rather than reading or online. I'm here right now because I just finished something for Wes and decided to post real quick!

Now I need to run and get ready for Bible study. People will start arriving in about 45 minutes. We're studying through Proverbs this year (it took us 2 years to go through Genesis!). I love Proverbs. I remember my childhood pastor, Dr. Harold Sightler, preaching through Proverbs on Wednesday nights. I wish I had some notes from back then, but I was just a little girl and didn't realize what a treasure they would be now.

Have a great evening!


  1. Hi Susan ~ I just realized something when you mentioned Dr. Sightler. I'm wondering if I could have been sitting in the same church as YOU and we just didn't know each other then! I often visited his church when I was down to BJ visiting my sister in the mid-70s. Hope your study tonight went well.

    p.s. It must have been awhile since I've been to your blog to comment!! Love your new colors.

  2. Oh wow! What a blessing to grow up under the preaching of Dr. Sightler. I enjoy listening to him preach on the internet. =)

  3. We've had great weather for several days, but now it is overcast and cold again. Spring goes back and forth here before settling in.

    I love Beverly Lewis. I can get that way with a good book, too. Plus I have several magazines stacked up I haven't gotten to yet.

  4. Hi, Susan. I come to you in Canada from Spain via Croatia. :)
    I love to read Beaverly Lewis books. That is something I miss a lot here in Spain. We have to order books on line and have them shipped. It costs so much! Another issue for me is time. As a homeschooling mommy, I find my time very rare. I too, end up getting into a book and not being able to put it down. When we travel I get to read. I can´t wait to take our Easter Break and go for a trip.

    It´s good to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you more through your beautiful blog.

    Praise the Lord for your Christian testimony.

  5. By the way I want to put you on my blog roll but I have a missionary ladies roll, homeschool roll and eager encouragers roll. I see that you all have what I would think is a self supporting church. Are you "missionaries"? I put that in quotes because I know we are all called to be missionaries of Jesus where ever we are.

    What category should I put your blog? ;)

  6. Ok.. i figured it out. Come on over and see. ;)hehe .. It takes me a little bit sometimes to put things together. It helps to think out loud.


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