Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I Worked on This Week

I've been trying my hand at making a quilt top this week. I've been following the doll-quilt sew-along at Sew, Mama, Sew. They are already quilting theirs, but I am just finishing my top! I actually did it twice. The first time, I wasn't paying attention to the pattern the blocks made, and when it was pieced, I wasn't pleased with the randomness of it.

I contacted my quilting bloggy friend Bren, and she suggested I make it again if it really bugged me. It did. So I took it apart and pieced it back together, this time in more of a pattern. Now it looks like this, and I like it better. I think I'm going to turn it around and have that bottom yellow square become the top yellow square, at Bren's suggestion.

And that's as far as I got this week. I'm hoping to get my quilt "sandwich" made tonight, all pinned together so I can try actually quilting it. Seems that most of my crafting gets done early in the week. By Thursday, we're having Bible study and then getting ready for the weekend and having a date night, so then it's just snatching time to craft as I can.

What have you been doing this week?


  1. Hi Susan! I think your quilt is very pretty and cheerful! I do like the second arrangement better as well. I have squares for a quilt top all pieced together, but need to find a book on what to do next. The lady from church who was teaching me went back to work and didn't have time to follow up with me. That was quite a few years ago, and now it just sits in my bottom drawer. :( I sew, but I don't know...I'm just afraid of messing it up, and am not sure of the best layout for the squares, either. Oh well! Maybe one day!!

    Oh and my week has been full of cleaning, purging, and organizing!! Now to just finish!!

    Hope your Sunday is a lovely, joyful, restful one!!

  2. Hi, Becky! Thanks for your comments on my quilt. I'm like you - I'm afraid I'll mess it up! But it's a doll quilt, so what could go so wrong?? Bren suggested just quilting an X in each square, so I may just do that for something simple. I've also considered tying it . . . but I want to quilt!

  3. Hi Susan.
    I love the doll quilt top! The colors and designs are lovely. I cherish all of my quilts that my grandmothers and my great aunt Flora made. I don't even use bedspreads on our beds. We love the quilts and love to look at them each day on top of our beds. They also made some baby quilts that I absolutely adore and treasure.
    Keep up the good work.
    Have a blessed Lords Day tomorrow.
    Happy Valentines day again.

  4. I like the second one with more of a pattern, too. Great work!

    I laid my cross stitch aside before Christmas to work on Christmas stuff and haven't taken it back up yet. I have some other tasks to get done during the time I usually work on that, but hope to pick it up again soon.

  5. the 2nd version does look much nicer.

  6. Thank you for your visit to my blog! Good luck in the giveaway. I was going to do that doll quilt too but just no time right now. Yours turned out very lovely!

  7. VERY NICE!! I learned something by your redo! I quilt..and now SEE why the pattern layout is important. It does have a more uniform look and easy on the eyes now. Good job!

    I've always been told to make a place for the eyes to rest.

    I love Quilting!


  8. Eww lala!!



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