Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kendrick Update

I just realized it's been a couple of months since I updated you on Kendrick Little, the five-year-old son of friends who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in November. I think the last time I updated, he was scheduled for radiation treatments and was going home for Christmas.

Kendrick had a great Christmas at home! He returned to Cook Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth shortly after Christmas to begin radiation, but doctors discovered he had developed meningitis from the original surgery he'd had for the tumor. After swift treatment for that, he was able to begin his radiation. He has done very well! He is feeling good, other than tiring easily, and his bloodwork is showing no problems at present. Allen and Alicia, his parents, are holding up well, as are Kendrick's 3 brothers and 2 sisters. A church in the Ft. Worth area offered a house for them to stay in during the week, and they travel home on the weekends to Wichita Falls, about 2 hours away. The house is a huge blessing, allowing the family to stay together and for Alicia to continue homeschooling.

There have been a couple of fund-raising events for the Little family, and they are preparing to go to Disney World. Allen and Alicia continually thank everyone for all their prayers, notes, and encouragement. Please continue to pray for them; they still have a long, difficult road ahead. You can read their updates on Kendrick's Care Page, where you'll also find lots of pictures of Kendrick and the family.


  1. Hi Susan.
    Just a quick note to tell you that you have a valentine posted at my blog! Pick it up anytime!

  2. Thanks Susan for this update...I am sure this is a rough time for them and all that love them....
    Maybe the Rapture will come soon---we were talking about that in church know their is much anticipation amongst Christians right now--would that be so wonderful for this family--and all of us!!
    Praying for them


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