Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm a Spoiled Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! I hope you and your special valentines have a wonderful day, whether they're spouses, children, pets, or all of the above! ;)

We don't usually do all that much for Valentine's Day. In the early years of our marriage, we didn't have the money to do anything, and later . . . it just never became a big deal. Wes had planned a dinner out at a nice restaurant for our church couples, so I thought that would be all we did this year. But he surprised me!

As I walked into our bedroom with a basket of laundry yesterday morning, I was talking, as usual. I stopped mid-sentence though when I saw a teddy bear couple sitting on our bed holding a box. A little box. Like the kind that comes from a jewelry store! As I opened that little box, I heard the swishing of a chain, so I expected it to be a necklace. He gave me earrings for Christmas, so I thought maybe this was the necklace to match. But it wasn't . . . it was a whole new set - necklace, earrings, and ring! A few weeks ago, my anniversary ring had needed some repair, and when he picked it up for me, he saw this set on sale and got it for me. The stones are red and white heart-shaped simulated sapphires. Here's the necklace; the earrings are simple red hearts, and the ring is 3 red hearts and 2 white hearts. The ring has to be sized, so I can't wear it yet - but I love it!


  1. oh Susan--it truly is lovely--just like YOU---
    what a neat surprise--
    we are having a low keyed day---we needed and bought a new bed--it got delivered today..that is more than good enough for me...we have just been so wore out from the move, bronchitis etc...that this year we't do it..but I am very happy for you and your surprise Blessing from WES, think that man of yours is a keeper..FOR SURE ;-)

  2. Deby, you're so sweet! I think he's a keeper too. A little late to throw him back now, anyway! LOL

    Yay for your new bed! I know how it is to need a new one, and how wonderful it feels to finally get it. Rest up now and get completely well!

  3. *Very* pretty!! Yay for you! (o:

  4. aww that's nice.

  5. What a sweet husband you have! The necklace is gorgeous and I want to see the ring after it's been sized. :0)


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