Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Having Some Difficulties With Comments

My blog seems to be having difficulty with the word verification feature on comments. When someone tries to comment, the word verification will not load, so they aren't allowed to comment. I've checked on the Blogger known issues page, but that problem isn't there. For now, I'll disable word verification, but if I start getting spam again I'll have to restart it and just see what happens.

I did notice that when I signed out of my Google account and tried to comment that I had to choose an account (such as Google, Wordpress) and that's where I ran into trouble with the word verification. Right now, though, I'll just leave it off and see how things go. Thanks for reading!


  1. Susan, people were telling me that they were having trouble with mine yesterday too.

  2. I tried to leave a comment here this morning but couldn't. Don't you just love computer "bugs"? :)

  3. Thanks for checking into it. When I tried this morning I could choose my account as WordPress ok, but then the letters for the verification just wouldn't load. Sometimes when that happens I just put in any letters and hit "post comment," and then it resets with new letters, but it wouldn't do that this morning.

  4. JD ~~ Thanks for letting me know that. My son was having problems with his too; one of our friends wasn't able to leave a comment on his blog.

    Mrs. C ~~ I could just scream when there's a bug! LOL I don't know how to fix a lot of things, so it takes time to go and find out what's wrong and how to fix it.

    Barbara ~~ When I log out of my account, what you described is what happens to me too. It seems to be fixed for now. I just hope I don't get a bunch of spam.


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