Monday, February 02, 2009

February Already!

This year is already 1/12 over! ;) How does time go so quickly? I'm impressed more and more with the necessity of making each day count in life!

This is our church's anniversary week. We started Lions Gate Baptist Church four years ago - another example of how quickly time flies. We are praying and planning for sixty people this Sunday, and our regular attenders are working hard inviting their friends and family - Wes says even invite your enemies! LOL We have a potluck meal planned after the morning service, and we're having the Evergreen State Quartet singing for us in the morning and in a special afternoon service. This will be their third year with us for anniversary Sunday; our people love their music! I'm expecting several extra children in Sunday school, too, so I'll need to be prepared with plenty of activities.

This seems to be doctor season in our family. We've had several appointments lately, and we have a few coming up in the next couple of weeks, too. Beth had her appointment with the neurologist, and he confirmed the diagnosis of benign essential familial tremors. It's a genetic condition that is fairly harmless, and there's nothing that can be done for it. The only medication that helps with the tremors is blood pressure medication, and we're leaning toward not using that, as the small benefit from it wouldn't outweigh some of the risks of taking it. We'll see, though; Beth still needs to see our family doctor again for a followup. She had blood tests done to rule out any other problems, and they came back fine too, so praise the Lord!

Andrew still has his cast on. He is going next week to see about getting it off. It will have been over eight weeks in a cast, so we're all hoping his arm will be healed and he can get rid of that thing. He's pretty tired of it! Andrew's also getting his immunizations in order for his college application. Would someone please tell me how in the world my second son is already going away to college??!!!

I have an appointment with my endocrinologist today. She is going to follow up on some medication I began taking for some hormonal difficulties. It didn't do what she had hoped it would, and I am going to ask her to let me try some more natural remedies, rather than go farther into the synthetic hormone world. I just don't feel comfortable with using them. I realize that as I get older I may need some medical help in this area, but I think I'd rather start small (especially this early!) and natural and build up to the synthetic stuff only if it's necessary.

I've lost five pounds in a little over three weeks using Weight Watchers points. It would have been more if I had been more disciplined with the birthday cake on Monday and the Crunch & Munch we had at our church Family Night on Friday! By the way, if you haven't seen Facing the Giants yet, you have to see it! We watched it for the first time Friday night, and it. is. excellent. So anyway, I'm trying to get back on track with my points this week. The one thing I'm super happy about is that my blood sugars are doing fantastic! I think my doctors will like that too! ;)

Ok. This has gotten long. I am going to do my best to get back to posting more regularly so I don't have to put you through a mega-post once a week. Each day goes by so quickly that I've really been struggling to do all the necesary things and keep up with the fun things too. It's a simple matter of priorities, you know, and I am not the most disciplined with keeping my priorities in order. The Lord still has a lot of work to do on me!


  1. I hadn't thought of it that way -- that the year is 1/12 over. Yikes!

    Hope Andrew is able to get his cast off, and glad Beth's tremors aren't any more serious. I hope you can find the right remedy. Hormones scare me.

    Sounds like a fun anniversary coming up!

  2. Priorities!! Always a difficult thing to keep in place.
    Happy 4th Anniversary to your church!

  3. We too, have essential tremors. Mom has them in her legs, I have them in my hands. No, too bad
    but sometimes I look funny when I am trying to do something. Thats also why I don't craft or draw, can't keep my hand steady when I try to concentrate.
    Mom used to take the meds, but they left her lethargic. also, meds have a cumulative effect. So, she shakes. We get used to it! My tremors haven't gotten any worse throughout the years, so I am glad.


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