Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Any Trouble?

Would you do us a favor? If the video on our Anniversary post is playing automatically, without you having to do anything when you load either my blog or Wes's, please let us know. Wes is having problems with it on his computer, although it does fine on mine and Andrew's. It's supposed to just load but not play until you press the 'play' button. On Wes's computer, it's playing automatically, and we want to know if it's doing that to you. We don't want that to happen - it's pretty annoying - so if it's happening to you, let us know. Wes is trying to fix it, and typical for a computer guy, it's bugging him to death knowing that it's not working right, even if it's only on his computer!


  1. It started automatically when I clicked onto your blog. It's very nice though!

    And I like how your blog looks--I like the two columns instead of three--it's less distracting for me.

    Oh and the cards you made are *lovely*! You are very good at card making!


  2. It played automatically on both your blogs for me. It is a very nice video though.

  3. I had the opposite happen. It started automatically on yours, but on your DH's I had to push the play button.

    Very nice video, and I am glad you all had a great anniversary service

  4. It's playing automatically for me here. I'm using Firefox and XP Pro (I know my husband always likes to know details when he's trying to troubleshoot stuff). When I use Internet Explorer, it loads automatically too.

    Hope he gets it figured out!

  5. This is going to drive Wes crazy! LOL There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it plays automatically. Melody, he thought it had something to do with Firefox and IE, but that doesn't seem to be the case, as some of our readers use one or the other and are getting different results with each. I may just take it off and leave a link to it, because it's got to be irritating to have that thing playing when you don't want it.

  6. Yours was auto.
    Your husbands wasn't.

    Happy Tuesday to you all!

  7. It starts automatically on both blogs for me.

  8. It only started when I pushed play. Oh btw, it was wonderful, loved it!


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