Monday, January 26, 2009

You'll Enjoy This!

Wes sent me the link to this photoessay on George W. Bush, by the men who were assigned to photograph him during his presidency. I was very impressed with how unbiased it was, and very glad to see Mr. Bush treated with dignity and respect . . . for once.


  1. Thanks for sharing that link, the photos are great and it was very unbiased.

  2. I really enjoyed that; thanks for the link.

  3. That was amazing! Thank you!

  4. I REALLY enjoyed these Susan and yet felt that sadness coming over me....I am still apalled by the decisions of gullible Americans...ESPECIALLY Christian Americans....Just trusting or at least trying to, the Lord on all of this.

  5. Oh, I did enjoy it. It really made me miss our President though!


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