Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's Up?

So what's been going on with you lately? Me? I've just been plugging along, trying to keep up. Here are some highlights:
  • At the suggestion of Mrs. C, another busy pastor's wife, I downloaded and began using the Motivated Moms Chore Planner (this link is her affiliate link). I still love and use the principles of FlyLady, but I had never really gotten a good plan down for the monthly and seasonal cleaning. I was getting more and more frustrated, with less getting done, so I decided to use MM. I love it! Our home is gradually getting back into shape, and all I have to do is look at my list every morning and do what it says. It's also easy to customize it for my needs - I just write down anything else I need to do, and if one job needs to be done sooner or later than scheduled, I write the day next to that job, and do it then. It's been great!
  • Andrew gets his cast off next week. His wrist seems to have done really well; he hasn't had any pain at all since he got the cast. He's definitely ready to get it off, and I'll be glad for him. If you've ever needed a cast, you know what I mean.
  • Beth has had some trouble recently with her hands shaking, like she's nervous. I knew that her uncle, Wes' brother, also has this problem, so I didn't worry too much about it until it started bothering her when she was trying to make her jewelry. I finally made her an appointment with our doctor. He said he is pretty sure it's benign tremors, but she has an appointment with a neurologist next week, just to check things out and make sure. From the information she's read, it looks like a textbook case. Please help us pray that it will indeed be such a simple diagnosis. There are medications she can take to help control the shaking when she needs more control, such as making jewelry or playing the piano.
  • Wes and I started using Weight Watchers Points again last week. Their point system is the only way either of us has ever lost weight. Even my diabetic meal plans don't work well; I still eat too much! After our first full week, Wes has lost 6 pounds and I've lost 3.5. We're both pleased with that, and an extra bonus for me is that my blood sugars are doing great. I seem to be able to eat almost anything I want as long as I watch the portion sizes and count the points! We've set a certain goal weight to be met before our 25th anniversary in October. By the way, we don't join WW, we just count the points on our own. Wes even made us little cards to put on the fridge to keep track of our points!
I'm still incredibly busy. Every day I hope to have time to craft a little with my papers, Cuttlebug, and new stamps and punches and cards I received as gifts the past few weeks, but there just hasn't been any free time lately. Maybe next week things will slow down enough to allow time to play. I hope so. I keep seeing so many cute ideas online!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


  1. My son had his plaster off last week, not sports except swimming for two months and the Doctor said can you prevent your son from running about , errr no he is 11 lol but I will try.
    Did you get my email I sent you last week?

    Would love to hear you report on the cuttlebug as I am thinking about getting one.

  2. I'm so glad the MM Planner has been a help to you! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your new crafting projects when you get around to showing them off. ;)

  3. My Chelsea, now 13, had benign tremors that bothered her when she was younger. There was a madicaion that helped her to control the shaking so she could write. We used that during the year or so she was learning to write and then gradually weaned her off of it.

    She still shakes occasionally but it is not interfering with her anymore.

    I hope your daughter's experience is as simple to control and is of the benign nature. Most are, they tell me.


  4. Many of us have trouble with tremors in our family. My dad's were the worst,it would embarrass him. Praying for quick and easy answers for your Beth.
    Jim and I do points too, Susan.
    Oh boy do we have a long way. You are right points are easy as everything can convert and it is life friendly. I do try to add a extra point IF I eat to many of even the free foods. I know in reality it is *calories in calories out* Do you eat microwave popcorn ? that is a lifesaver for us.
    I look at my new crafting room etc..and think will it ever be settled enough to do anything?
    Glad you are finding a chore chart that is's a rough area for me.

  5. My middle son has tremors sometimes. It especially manifested when he was on a mission trip to Cameroon and was at a much higher altitude. I hope that's all it and medicine helps. Jason isn't on any meds but it is good to know there are some if he gets to the point where he needs them.

    I'll have to check out that planner. Glad Andrew gets his cast off -- I imagine he can't wait!! I'm glad you're doing well with the Weight Watcher points.

  6. Hi Susan. Still loving each and every post you share. Congrats on your weight loss!!! I want to lose weight, first of all, I know I'd feel better, and of course, the vain side of me wants to look better. I have the point books from WW, just sort of laid them to the side! They don't work that way! ha. You have inspired me. I lost 12 pounds from Jan. 1 to Mar.1, my 40th birthday on the WW plan 4 years ago. That doesn't seem like alot, but it made a huge difference in me, even went down a size! I will also check out the MM planner. I just have too many other things I'd rather be doing these days! lol. Have a great weekend. Keep posting-I get such help from you. Thanks.
    PS. share more about the index cards on fridge.

  7. Thank you all for sharing your experiences with your children and tremors. From what I understand, they are nothing serious, and there is help for them, and your knowing others have experienced the same thing is an encouragement.

    Clare, I'm not sure I got your email. Last week was when we were away for most of the week, and I may have overlooked it. Please send it again so I can be sure to answer you.

    Deby, we've been using the 100-calorie bags of Redenbacher's Smart Pop. I bought some up here (expensive) then found some in the US for the same price but more than twice the amount of bags, and Wes bought some flavored powders to shake on them that won't add points.

    Liesa, I lost about 15 pounds four years ago - when I turned 40! LOL Isn't it funny what 40 does to us?! I gained it all back when my doctor put me on a diabetes medication that causes weight gain as a side effect. If my sugars start going low, I can get off that med, and hopefully I can lose even more weight then.

    I'll answer more stuff later tonight. Wes and I are heading out the door!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the MM link. Like you, I like the principles of Flylady, but I could never really get it to flow smoothly.

    I got MM this morning and because I have a program to edit PDF files, I editted the week to fit the kids and I and they (I printed one for each of the kids and one for me) are hanging neatly on the refridgerator.

    This is exactly the kind of thing that I needed. I am such a list person!!!

    Love in Christ,


  9. Thanks for the MM link! I too have struggled with getting everything done, so this would be a real help. Thanks!

  10. Tami, what a great idea to actually change the PDF file! I don't know if I have that capability or not; I'll have to ask husband. Right now, it's working fine for me to just hand-write in what I need to. Just having the list has helped a lot!

    Melody, I hope you can use the MM charts. I can't tell you what a relief it's been!


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