Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If You Only Knew

I'm so glad this is on YouTube, so I can share it with you! This song has been a great comfort to me. When my grandmother died in December, 2004, we had just moved here and I couldn't go to her funeral. I asked my dad if someone could sing this at her funeral, as my contribution. My brother and sister sang it. Here it's done by The Rochester Family, the only group I've ever heard it sung by (here's where you can watch it online, if you get my blog by email and the video doesn't embed).

We know this family personally - the live what they sing! Sit back and enjoy this! Does anyone else feel that this type of bluegrass is some of the most amazingly relaxing music in the world?!


  1. Susan, my DH grew up with the Rochesters! We live less than an hour from their home church too. We LOVE their music.

  2. I have never heard that song before -- how perfect for a Christian funeral.

  3. That was beautiful!

  4. That is so neat! I went & looked at some other videos of them too. At a local Presbyterian church on the first Fri of every month they are having bluegrass jams there. So I go & join in playing my mountain dulcimer & canjos (can banjos). I haven't played my autoharp yet cuz I need to fix the chordbars on it. Don't play my guitar there as there are already tpo many guitarists there & I'm not so good at it.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting much on blogs but I'd been getting my blog posts thru a thing called Feedblitz that mails them to ya in e-mail & hadn't gotten any for awhile. I also noticed mails from Jerry Falwell's neighbor (She & her hubby are wonderful Christian folks) hadn't been getting to me at that address either. So I had to change addresses with Feedblitz & now the posts get to me. Feedblitz saves me from having to go to tons of bogs every day to read the posts & then half of them aren't updated.

    On Thurs nite hubbys cousin & her hubby have us over for Bible dinner & Bible study & that is good.

    Anyway that's a nice sounding group you posted... :)

  5. We took our teens to see the Rochesters last time they were local. We picked up this CD and I really, really love it. I particularly love this song.


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