Friday, January 23, 2009

I Didn't Cry!

Samuel left to go back to college this morning. I got up with him and Wes and fixed them a breakfast sandwich and so I could hug my boy and tell him goodbye. We enjoyed so much his five weeks at home! I think he was beginning to go a little crazy with nothing to do, though! ;)

Last night, when I was tired and it was late, I was near to tears. In fact, a few squeaked out when nobody was around. But when it came time to say goodbye this morning, I was able to send Sam off with a smile and an "I love you." I'm actually learning to do that! I thought I would always be a basket case when one of my children leaves after a visit.

Now I feel that Christmas break is really over. Everyone is back to doing their everyday stuff, and life picks up the normal pace again. Praise the Lord for "normal" however that might look in your life!

We have a busy weekend ahead. Beth and I are crafting (Beth) and speaking (me) at a ladies' tea in Blaine, WA tomorrow. On Sunday we're having missionaries in the morning service, then feeding them after church. And our church anniversary is just two weeks away! Have a great day, and enjoy your busy days!


  1. I know how hard it i not to cry when they leave. Glad everything went well and hope he has a great semester! Hope all goes well at the tea!

  2. oh ...I sure know these feelings, Susan. We were living overseas as each child is a process...and yet your mother's heart is always there....but I tell you ....
    NOW....Jim and I LOVE our empty nest time..I can't even believe I am saying that...but we do...oh these are great years.

  3. Barbara, the crazy thing is I was near to tears all Thursday evening, then when he left Friday morning - nothing! LOL I guess the Lord gives grace when it's needed.

    Deby, we have heard from more than one empty-nester that we will enjoy those years! ;) But I'm glad they're still a few years away.

  4. Aww, I really feel for you. As we are now having to look forward to sending our oldest off in the next couple years I can't even imagine that I'm strong enough to deal with it. I have already shed some tears and it's made me thing. What is my life without my kids? What will I do when they're gone? While Johnny works, what will I do?

    Anyhow, I can totally relate to this post. I guess all moms go through this.

    I have actually scheduled a nervous breakdown for the week after we leave him in the states, already on the calendar. :0)


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