Monday, January 12, 2009

A Bloggy Meeting "In Real Life"

One of the best things about blogging is making new friends, and one of the best things about making new friends is meeting them in person. I got to do that last Tuesday night. After a full year of trying to get together, Deby of Apples of Gold and I finally met! She is a sweet, sweet lady. I knew her as soon as she walked past me, but I was speaking with someone else so I couldn't stop her on the way by. But no matter - within a couple of minutes she had found a seat and had come back to where I was, because she had recognized me too! We had a good 15 minutes or so to chat, meet each other's husbands, and get a picture together. We hope to see each other more in the future. What a blessing to finally meet face-to-face!

Deby, it was so good to meet you, and thank you again for the gift! ;)


  1. What a joyous way to start a new year...I was thrilled..and the preaching...FANTASTIC.
    Can't wait till someday we can come up to Canada.
    Love you my friend....

  2. btw,,,,I will probably use YOUR (Wes's) picture to do the post..great picture..most of the time my eyes are closed...hehehe...PRIDE..YUCK..

  3. Oh that's great!! Hey we have a camp meeting in July...wanna come?...we're only three provinces away!!

  4. That's pretty exciting! Glad you were able to meet each other!


  5. What great fun to be able meet up with a blog friend!

    Thanks for the comments about my old pictures...It was my Dad that went to Clemson in the mid 60's. He went on a football scholarship but ended up getting hurt in his second year and dropped out and moved back home to Ohio. He is a big Clemson fan to this day!

    We love SC and so would like to move back there one day....hubby was stationed at the Charleston base for three years.

  6. What fun! I, too, have been able to meet a few bloggy friends and it has been a blessing.
    Glad you got to meet!

    ~ Christina

  7. Oh how fun! It's a lovely picture of both of you. (o:

  8. What a joy! I'm so glad you were able to meet in person.

    I belong to a quilting group online and was blessed to have met two of the ladies..who live in Canada. They came over the border last year..and I went to White Rock this year! And I went 3,000 miles to meet-I just happen to be near on vacation. How fun it was.

    Lord willing..some day more of us will meet..if not the air!'

  9. I just read about this at Mrs. Deby's blog. It's wonderful y'all got to meet. I would love to meet both of y'all one day. Well, one day...I will.



  10. how neat that you were able to meet a blogging friend! that is really a great way to start the new year.
    hope all has been well with you and yours.
    wishing you a lovely week.
    stop by and visit:

  11. oh Wow! Glad you two got to meet. I would love to meet both each of you someday!


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