Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekly Link Roundup

I've seen these link roundups on other blogs, so I thought I'd try it here - just a few things that I thought were interesting or noteworthy from my own bloggy travels this week!

Beside Still Waters: Broken Pieces - A good reminder of what is really important at Christmas.
I'm An Organizing Junkie: When You're Not Enough - Great reminder that God is enough - we don't have to be enough.
Your Best December Ever: Encouraging Words From Cary Schmidt - Excellent article from Dr. Schmidt, encouraging us to have a December we won't forget or regret.
Christmasy Links: Stray Thoughts - Links to lots of Christmasy stuff from my dear bloggy friend Barbara H.
Recipe Hit List: Squares, Slices, and Tarts for Holiday Baking: - Lots of Christmas goodies to bake!
50 Frugal Gifts You Can Give This Christmas: Bible Money Matters - Great ideas for giving!
Household Uses for Vinegar, the Ultimate Frugal Solution: Frugal Dad - Some uses for vinegar I never heard of - all of them good

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  1. I tagged you, play along if you have time, if not I understand!


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