Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh, The Craziness

It is still snowing. It was supposed to be turned to rain by now, but it's still snowing. When it does turn to rain, it will be heavy rain. On top of at least 2 feet of snow, if not more.

Wes and I went out today to renew our cell phone contract. I wanted to go because I haven't been out of the house since Sunday afternoon. We only planned to be gone an hour or so, but we ended up being gone for 4 hours. Partly because of an inept employee. Mostly because of the weather. Beth was out with friends in Vancouver, because we thought the snow would be changing to rain, but when the roads in our town kept getting worse and worse, we called and told her to catch the SeaBus back over. We stayed out and met her, then slowly made our way home. Our driveway is almost a tunnel now, and enough snow had fallen while we were gone that Wes couldn't get the car in. So Sam, Beth, and I got out and pushed. It took about 15 minutes or pushing and shoveling, but the car is in and so are we. And I'm in to stay till Sunday. I used to like snow. Go ahead and laugh. It's ok. I just want it to all go awaaaayyyyyyy!

I hope to be back later to post some pics of our Christmas.


  1. I wish you could haul some of that snow here to Northern Texas! I love the white stuff! It was 76 today :-( Not very wintery!
    I am glad everyone got home safe and sound.

    May you all take it easy this weekend if you must travel about.

    Sabbath blessings!

  2. Hi Susan, I've been seeing the weather reports for your area and wondering if you were getting hit hard. Is that unusual for your area or do you usually get mostly rain? Our weather has been a roller coaster ride. 70 one day. 30 something the next. You never know what to wear. (especially for those of us who are having hot flashes anyway) LOL! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of snow! I'm glad we don't get that much here!

  4. Now you know how it is. :) People who never get snow wonder how we could ever possibly get tired of it. But it really does start to wear on you after a while (or, in my case, after a few hours :). Our temps have warmed up though (!) and it rained all night. I think it's supposed to be a high of 10 degrees today (Celsius) -- unheard of in December!! :) Hope your snow melts soon!!

  5. Dawn, you can have all you want! LOL I love to watch it coming down, but after it's over, I'd prefer it be gone.

    Debbie, it's very unusual for Vancouver to get this kind of snowfall. This would have normally been rain, but an arctic cold front parked itself over us for the past 3 weeks, making the air cold enough for snow instead of rain.

    Barbara, like I said above, it's not normal for here. We were just blessed this year! ;)

    Melissa, you are closer to our normal weather than we are. Our normal temps for this time of year are around 6 Celsius, which is far enough above freezing to give us rain instead of snow.


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