Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lime Green

That's the color of Andrew's cast! I took him to his follow-up appointment yesterday, and although he isn't in any pain at all, the x-ray of his arm showed that the fracture isn't healed. The doctor said he needs to wear the cast for at least six weeks, then he'll reevaluate it. The good news is that he can still go skating! He loves to ice skate and usually goes every Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon at the rec centre. Wes wouldn't let him go till he saw the doctor. I asked the doctor if Andrew could skate, and the doctor said, "Sure - just don't fall on that arm." I'm thinking he can fall on his other arm and break it, then?! So anyway, my boy went skating last night and came home a happy camper.

The type of fracture he has, a scaphoid fracture, is difficult to heal properly because the blood supply to that particular area of the bone is limited. The quite colorful older gentleman who did Andrew's cast had a scaphoid fracture when he was 18 that wasn't treated properly. As he grew older, he developed arthritis in that wrist, and at age 45 finally had to have surgery to repair the bones. Now his wrist is fused and he can't move it at all - but he can still make a mean cast! LOL He was quite a guy, lots of fun to talk to.

Here's my boy enjoying school. If you believe he's enjoying school, I have some beautiful beach-front property near Las Vegas you might be interested in! ;)

We have been treated very well at the local hospital, where all the treatment is taking place. The one thing that surprised me is that the cast area and the orthopedic surgeon working in there is like a ward. I was expecting an office. The casting room is located next to the ER, and the beds are just like in the ER. There were 4 in this room, with curtains between and the "waiting room" chairs facing the beds. So we were in the room with at least 3 other patients and their family/friends the whole time, and we could all hear each other's cases being discussed - although after a few minutes you quit paying attention to everyone else. When Andrew got his cast, it was a family affair, with everyone watching and commenting on the color he chose. I've never been in such close quarters with other patients. It felt unusual at first, but everyone seemed to feel right at home with it, and I'm pretty easy to adapt to most situations especially if people are friendly. So while it's been a new experience, it's not been a bad one - just different than what I'm used to. My son is receiving excellent care, which is my biggest concern at this point anyway!


  1. oH MY.. My son has a red one , broke his wrist last thursday, its on my de clare ation blog.
    Wonderful colours they have .

  2. susan,
    i was going to let you know, if you hadn't heard yet, that kendrick has been diagnosed with cancer, the biopsy came back on his tumor...that's really all i know right now...they haven't put anymore updates up on their care page as of yet...just wanted to let you know.

  3. Clare, I didn't realize your son had broken his wrist - ouch! That had to hurt really bad. Hope he heals completely from it!

    Liz, I had not heard that. I'll be looking for the update, and of course, continuing to pray for all of them. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. I'll have to go back and read how he did this. It reminded me of Hannah when she fractured both of her wrists riding a four wheeler. She chose to have one pink cast and one purple cast. Try matching your clothes to that for six weeks. haha



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