Thursday, December 04, 2008

Kendrick: Thursday

Wasn't it fun to rejoice last night over the good news that Kendrick had come through the surgery and there is no cancer??!!!!! He's come around the first bend in the road, and it remains to be seen how many turns and corners there are. We know that God is right there with him, though.

There are a couple of things to pray for now. One is that Kendrick will be able to swallow. They've had to intubate and sedate him to help him breathe and prevent him from hurting himself. He's resting well with the sedation. Another thing we need to pray for is that Allen and Alicia will be able to get some rest tonight. They haven't slept for several days now.

Did you see Allen's message to the rest of their children. For those of us who know him, that was fun to read - you could hear Allen's voice throughout it. If you don't know him, take a look at that message and you'll see the heart this young man has for his family. It's just good!

Another neat thing is how all your notes and prayers pouring in have affected the staff at the hospital. Allen is now asking you to leave your location when you comment so that the staff can see where we all are. I have to admit, it's fun to see where other folks are from.

As always, you can find the most recent updates on Kendrick's Care Page. Thanks again for all your prayers!

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  1. It's been so neat to read of his progress here!


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