Monday, December 08, 2008

Just Stuff

I was going to do a Simple Woman's Daybook today, but sometimes that takes me too long. So I'll just chit chat with you for a minute and get on with my day.

I love Mondays - that's no secret if you've been with me for long! This week is packed full. The kids decorated the Christmas tree Saturday night, and now I have a huge bin of Christmas decorations in my living room, in addition to the clutter and junk from a busy weekend. So my goal for today is to get my living room back in shape, then try to get some decorating done. I have to get my school grading caught up; I never got caught up from last week, and now I have another week's worth to do. And then I'm speaking at another church's ladies' tea on Friday night. I was invited to do this back in October, and I've been thinking on it all this time - and now the time has arrived to pull it all together. And I'm petrified! Please pray for me this week, that I'll say exactly what the Lord desires for me to say, and that these ladies will come away with something that will strengthen their walk with the Lord.

I've been meaning to share with you what the Lord did in our Missions Month and our Faith Promise commitments for this next year. We met and exceeded our goal for this past year! When all the commitments came in for the coming year, we were excited to find that the commitments for this year are almost double what they were last year! Wes and I are amazed at the giving hearts of these people the Lord has brought into our church family, and we are thrilled, as church planters ourselves who depend on the giving of churches across North America to enable our work here, to be able to have our own people support missions around the world.

We're continuing to pray for our friends Allen and Alicia Little and their little boy, Kendrick. They had a bit of a setback over the weekend. The doctors were planning to remove Kendrick's feeding tube yesterday, but due to a weak gag reflex and inability to swallow, they decided not to. Kendrick was not happy about that, and in his thrashing around, he managed to dislodge some of his IV lines. During the night, while Alicia was sleeping and Allen was at the Ronald McDonald house with their other boys, Kendrick pulled out his breathing tube. Now they're having to give him breathing treatments and watch him constantly. So it's been a bit rough the past day or so. Keep praying; they all have a long road to recovery. You can continue reading their updates at Kendrick's Care Page. They've been so encouraged by all the comments and prayers!

I hope you're enjoying my December Daily posts! I have some fun things planned for the next couple of weeks up till Christmas. I'm planning to participate in BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes next Monday, I have a quote from Spurgeon on Christmas that I want to discuss, and I have a fun Bible meme I want to do with you, in addition to sharing about some of my favorite Christmas carols, memories, and gifts from years past. And there's another family birthday coming up this week (October through December is very birthday-ful in my family)! I think I'm going to have to plan my posting like this every month; it sure helps me have things ready. I've been doing a lot of my entries at night while we're relaxing, then scheduling them to post on the days I have planned for them. It's almost effortless doing it that way! Thank you all for your all your comments - and for coming back for more! You're all a blessing to me.


  1. Hi Susan ~ I'm enjoying your December daily...although I have to admit that I just caught up on 8of them...hence, my first comment. I loved the Christmas meme and may just have to do that one!

    (I participated in a blogging challenge with my sister back in June, and we both tried to post every I know the pressure you have of trying to post every day. But I also know how much fun I had that month. Maybe I'll try that again when the busy-ness is done. You are encouraging me with your December daily posts!)

  2. Hi! If you are planning to post about christmas memories and favorites etc. I hope you'll consider linking to my Christmas traditions meme.

  3. I've kind of gone back to a just chatting post on Mondays, too. Seems like a good day for recounting the weekend and looking ahead as well.

    That's so exciting about the missions giving! It's a blessing when people are concerned about and willing to give toward the spread of the gospel.

  4. Deb, I'm sorry you were faced with a pile of my posts! It's not too bad posting every day as long as I stay a day or 2 ahead, but if I wait till the day something is due, it gets crazy. So I'm trying write when I have some spare time to keep myself from going wonky! ;)

    Deborah, I'll do my best to get at least one of my Christmas memories linked to your meme, if not all of them. I have several days' worth of memories and stuff to post about.

    Barbara, I love doing the Daybook, but most of it has to be done on the day, and I don't usually have a lot of time during the morning to do posting. So I'll do it when I can and not worry if I can't.


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