Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Been a Busy Couple of Days

I've been absent with any real posts the past couple of days. That's because I've been absent from my home (for the most part) for the past couple of days. Beth and I spent all of Monday afternoon shopping for her dad and the boys. After we got home and had supper, we found that our internet, phone, and TV - all by the same provider - were out. A call to technical support revealed that . . . yes, there was an outage, and no, we don't know when it will be back on. So we played Wii games and made menus and grocery lists and went to bed, and this morning all was well again.

Speaking of today, Wes and I made our monthly shopping trip. We're all set now for 5 weeks. At least I hope we are. We spent enough money for what seemed like 8 weeks, between holiday foods and an extra mouth at home for the month.

It's supposed to begin snowing again overnight. Samuel is flying in tomorrow, so I'm praying for decent enough weather to get him home, then it can snow 2 feet if it wants to! We're having near-record cold temps this week, too. It doesn't usually get this cold here. For the first time since we got here, I'm missin' the south! ;)

So I'm ready to be in and stay in for a few days. I can only take so much running around before I'm bushed and ready to stay home for a while. What have you been up to this week?


  1. I've been posting/reading at a minimum the last few days, too. I had the ladies' ministry Christmas cards and some packets of cards we made for missionaries to get sent out. I don't know what I was thinking, but I all of a sudden woke up to the fact that those needed to go out NOW -- should've, actually, earlier. So I've been getting those packaged and mailed. Next time I not only want to do this earlier, but I want to get help. One lady volunteered earlier to come over and help, but at this late date with everyone so busy I didn't feel I should ask -- plus I was working on them as I could rather than having a set time I could invite someone over. Live and learn!

    But with that done and most of our shopping done online, I am a little easier today. My big project for today is Christmas cards and out Christmas newsletter. I wish I had gotten those done earlier, too, but they'll still get to their destinations on time. I keep saying every year I am going to do them over Thanksgiving, but that season has its own busyness.

    I'm the same way with only being able to take so much running around before I crash.

  2. Hi Susan. Thanks for asking. We went to Tupelo, MS (Birthplace of Elvis Presley) Mon. for my yearly checkup, then did some Christmas shopping. Yesterday, Cale and I did school, he went hunting after school. Our family watched a Christmas movie Mon. Night and last night together. Mon. Night, we watched "A Christmas Cottage."
    Last night, we watched "Beautiful Dreamer". Both of these movies are from Family Feature Films.
    Today, Cale and I are trying to finish up with school. We may have to work a couple of hours tomorrow, and then, we'll be free for a few weeks! yay!!!
    Tonight, we go to church. The young people will practice on our Christmas program while the adults enjoy a time of Bible Study.
    It's not terribly cold here, but it's been raining for three days now!
    I enjoy your blog. Your plan to stay in and enjoy your home and family sounds like a winner to me!!!

    Have a blessed day.


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