Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Daily: Snow Day

What a day! Sam is supposed to be flying in to Bellingham, WA today. But it's snowing really hard. Wes is on Interstate 5 right now, just across the border, and it's taken him about an hour to drive 20 miles or so. The one bright spot is that he's stopping at the local mall to pass the time, and he hasn't bought my Christmas gift yet! ;)

Sam's original connecting flight from Seattle was cancelled. The airline then scheduled him for 1:30, but then informed him that that flight is full, so they were putting him on the 4:00 flight. So now he's seeing if he can just be flown directly into Vancouver (usually too expensive because it's an international flight). The earliest flight into Vancouver lands at about 3:00. We don't really expect that to happen, though, so Wes will probably pick him up sometime around 5:00 and then have to drive back to Vancouver, normally just an hour's drive.

Here are some pictures of our snow today.

Looking out the back toward the highway. This is how close we live to the Trans-Canada Highway - just beyond that concrete barrier at the top of the hill - we could throw rocks at the cars and hit them if we wanted to! ;) The good thing is we can always tell when traffic is backed up.

Andrew's car. It's a Ford Escort, in case you can't tell. We had another one for him, but it was not a happy car. In fact, it was so unhappy that it would not run. This is the car Sam took to college with him, and we brought it back home for Andrew. Its life has changed considerably from the desert of Lancaster.

My kitchen window. Just beyond those trees is the highway, but I prefer to focus on the trees, imagining that I live in the forest. We only have neighbors on the other side of the house; among the trees, below where this picture is taken, is a walking path through the woods. My kitchen is on the second level of the house, so no one can look directly in.

And to help you pass the time on this snowy day, meet Louie . . .

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