Sunday, December 07, 2008

December Daily: My Baby Brother

This is my brother, Jason. Today is his 26th birthday. I've introduced him to you before, but today I wanted to tell you about him and my husband's youngest brother, Albert.

Wes and I met late in 10th grade. By the next school year, we were dating. My dad was a widower, and in October of that year, he met the lady who would become my new mom in February of the next year. A few months after they married, my parents announced that we would be having a little addition to our family. Wes's family had a similar announcement that spring. What a funny thing - we were teenagers dating, and both our mothers were expecting new babies!

The babies were due in December. Over the summer, Wes and I quit dating and I started at a different school for my senior year. On the morning of December 7th, I went to school knowing that I would have a baby brother or sister that day. I was so excited! The funniest thing was that my mom ran into someone she knew at the hospital - Wesley's mom! She had had her baby the day before. Both our brothers were born in the same hospital, one day apart! Our moms had a nice time visiting together, even though Wes and I weren't dating. With all that visiting at the hospital, we never saw each other at that time. It was another year before we'd get back together. The boys were almost 2 years old when we got married in October, 1984. Wes's parents had had another baby, their only girl, in the meantime, and my mother was expecting my baby sister.

After all that togetherness in the beginning, the boys didn't grow up near each other. Albert grew up in Jamaica, and Jason grew up in South Carolina and Mexico. Both of them attended Tabernacle Bible College, though, at the same time. As I said yesterday, Albert is an electrician and single. Jason is a pastor and married with 5 children! So they have led totally different lives, but we're proud of both of them!

All that to say Happy Birthday, Jason! We love you. And thanks for all those nieces and nephews! :)


  1. oh I love it..there are sure NO coincidences with the Lord..what a great story and peek into your life..Susan...

  2. What a neat story! You were married the same year that my husband and I were married. We'll both celebrate our 25th anniversaries this year.

  3. Deby, there aren't any coincidences, for sure!

    How neat, Tammy! It sure doesn't feel like 25 years already! :)


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