Saturday, December 06, 2008

December Daily: Meet My Brother-in-Law

Meet Albert. Today is his 26th birthday - he's Wes's youngest brother and the one with whom Andrew lived and worked this summer. He's a pretty good guy! ;) He's an electrician by trade, a bit nutty, and still single - although this is not an advertisement for a wife! ;) Albert and my youngest brother have an interesting story. Which I will tell you tomorrow. Because tomorrow is my youngest brother's 26th birthday! ;)

Happy Birthday, Albert! We love you. And thanks for watching our boy this summer.


  1. Happy Birthday, Albert!!!!!


  2. Well happy birthday to Albert and an early one to your brother.

  3. Happy Belated to Albert....
    are you sure he isn't looking...let me know IF you need some help...they call me Yenta, in my family, or my husband does..she is the matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof....

  4. Deby, he is always looking! LOL We've thought a couple of times that he had found The One, but they both fell through. One of these days . . .

    Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes for Albert!

  5. Anonymous4:46 PM

    thank to all who have left me birthday wishes. as far as the wife thing goes i all ready have someone working on that and HE will set me up with the rigth ONE


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