Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Daily: Looking Back

I thought I'd share a few highlights of the year on this last day of 2008 . . .

January . . . My little Sunday school student got saved; Beth turned 15; Beth's pet hamster, Sasha, passed away; and we had lots of snowy weather (or what we considered snowy then!).

February . . . Lions Gate Baptist Church celebrated its third anniversary; our car continued to have issues; I sounded off about an interview I saw on TV.

March . . . I attended a fantastic ladies' retreat; our church hosted a men's conference.

April . . . I tried my hand at cardmaking; our family was hosted at a missions conference in Vernon, BC; and we made a trip to SC and GA to visit Wes' and my parents, complete with pictures.

May . . . We changed our supporting church; I began a diabetes education class; I received a breadmaker for Mother's Day; Wes had a birthday; I got several free things on Craigslist; and Andrew stretched his wings a bit by moving to SC to work with his uncle for the summer.

June . . . I spoke at a sister church's ladies' tea, and that seems to be about all that happened in June!

July . . . We celebrated Canada Day; the first of several medication changes for me; Andrew turned 17; Wes went to Spiritual Leadership Conference in Lancaster, CA; and Wes and I took a week-long vacation while Beth went to camp.

August . . . We had Friend Day at church, with Sam and his college tour group singing and preaching for us; I shared my Ten Favorite Homeschooling Resources, in preparation for school starting again; shared my Favorite Sunday School resources, also; and Sam spent a whole 9 days at home and we went to visit Texas friends visiting mutual friends in Tacoma.

September . . . School started again; Beth, Andrew, and I opened Etsy shops; and my brother and his wife had a new baby!

October . . . Wes and I attended a Couples' Retreat and celebrated our 24th anniversary all in one weekend, which was also Thanskgiving; Sam began raising money for a spring missions trip; and we had a giveaway from Beth's Etsy shop.

November . . . We went to the Northwest Youth Conference in Portland, OR; I found some outstanding deals at Michaels; we celebrated Thanksgiving again; our dear friends began the journey every parent fears; and Andrew fractured his wrist.

December . . . We had our ladies' Christmas Brunch; Andrew got his cast; the Little family got devastating news one week after we thought all was well; Samuel turned 20; after getting stranded in a snow storm, Wes was finally able to get Sam home for the Christmas holidays; then we got more snow and even more on Christmas Eve; and we had a blessed Christmas!

Now we're on the eve of a brand new year. I look forward to sharing more of our life and ministry here in North Vancouver. Have a blessed, happy, prosperous New Year!


  1. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Susan and family!

    Somehow I must have missed your May post on changing your sending church..I just sent you an email.

    Looking forward to reading blog entries for the new year. The Lord's blessings on your family.

  3. What a fun look back! Happy New Year!!

  4. Happy new year to you too!
    Thanks for your blog-

  5. Hello! I have been stopping in on your blog every now and then since joining the KJV blog. I too am a southern girl transplanted elsewhere. My family is soon returning south. The Lord has directed us to a new church in Alabama.

    I write the Monday Ministry Highlights on the KJV blog. I would really like to share this responsibility with other women in the ministry. I am always encouraged when I read your blog. I am sure that many others would be too. Would you be interested?

    By the way, I LOVE your curly red hair!!


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