Saturday, November 01, 2008

What About Canadians?

Several people have asked us what the election and its outcome will mean for Canada. The most honest answer is - I don't know. But I found an article this morning that explains a few things about the relationship between the US and Canada, and which candidate is actually better in the long run for Canada. Be sure to read the comments following the article, too, for some insight into what Canadians are thinking. At the time I'm posting this, there are only a few comments posted, but that will change, and you'll have your eyes opened a bit! ;)

Canadians For Obama, But Republicans for Canada


  1. It's an interesting article, but I don't believe most of what the media has to say, so I guess I don't put much stock in it.
    I don't really keep up much with politics, but most people I know voted conservative, for
    Stephen Harper, and the majority of them would prefer to see McCain win over Obama.

  2. From what we hear in Vancouver, the news article is correct about people wanting Obama to win. Of course, I've also heard that Vancouver and Toronto are much more liberal than the rest of Canada, too. So maybe that has a lot to do with it. Most of our friends who are close enough to talk politics with are saved, so they are naturally more conservative in their political views.

  3. That's true, the big cities in Canada tend to vote Liberal, the rural areas are more conservative. Our area, south/central Manitoba, is conservative.
    Ontario has always been more liberal as a whole, but that also seems to be changing.
    BTW...have you checked out the new KJV Blog Directory?


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