Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Week's Mishaps

This has been the week for little blunders and bumps in the Hutchens home. We don't usually have a lot of mistakes or injuries, but this week . . .

Actually, I'll start with last week. One morning I got dressed, went downstairs, and remembered that I'd forgotten my sweater upstairs. I ran back up, and as I came back out of the bedroom, sitting at the top of the stairs was a familiar little furry rodent. I kept forgetting to tell you that we got a replacement for Beth's little hamster, Sasha, not long after she died. This one is named Louie (after Vancouver Canucks super-goalie Roberto Luongo), and he is a huge teddy bear hamster. Louie's primary occupation seems to be trying to get out of his cage. He is always trying to escape. Until this one morning last week, he hadn't been successful, but there he was, sitting up on his haunches at the top of the stairs! I don't know where he was when I went by the first time; I'm just glad I didn't step on him. When I yapped (from the shock of seeing a hamster on the landing), Beth woke up and rushed out to help me catch him. The funny thing is that Louie came right to me when I called him - just as if he takes strolls every morning. I'm happy to report he has been safely in his cage ever since, although he still tries to get out.

On Monday night, Beth and I were at the gym. It's at the mall, and I had to run to Wal Mart to get some envelopes, so Beth went on in and started exercising. When I was finally ready to exercise, I went over to her to ask her something, and she said, "I fell." I said, "You mean like off the treadmill?" Yes, that's exactly what she meant! She had been running when her knee gave way, and she fell on her knees on the treadmill. The problem was the treadmill was still running. It scooped her right off and on to the carpeted floor, giving her a nasty rug burn on one knee. I still chuckle over her getting neatly scooped off, but I cringe over her poor knee. It's very painful and looks awful.

Then last night, Andrew and Beth went to a youth night at another church. Andrew was playing soccer and fell on his wrist. It hurt last night, but we told him to hang on and see how it felt this morning. The poor boy woke up at 2:30 in pain; at 3:30 he got up and went downstairs and lay on the couch the rest of the night. He never took anything for the pain, just lay there hurting, and he never woke me up to get some help. When I came down at 8:15 there he was, and I quickly decided to take him to the doctor. We spent a couple of hours in the ER and found that the ligaments in his wrist are badly strained, but it will be fine. He's been asleep during the afternoon, and is taking ibuprofen now for the pain.

So I have two children with painful injuries and an escape-artist hamster.

And apparently I can't read . . .

Someone gave us gift cards a few weeks ago. One of them was for me to Home Outfitters. There is another store in town called Home Sense. I thought the card said Home Sense, so I happily tramped through that store last night, husband in tow, buying a few things for my home. When it came time to pay, the lady wanted to know what the card was that I handed her. I thought it was fairly obvious that it was a gift card. The sweet lady patiently explained that it was for Home Outfitters, and her store was Home Sense. How embarrassing! My husband came to the rescue and let me get the stuff I had chosen (sweet man!) and I still get to go to Home Outfitters! :) Andrew says I've got a pretty good racket going on! ;)

So this has been a week of bumps and blunders. I'm hoping Sam's ok. Maybe he should think twice about coming home for Christmas! LOL


  1. Hi Susan. I too am a southern 40 something Baptist pastors wife and homeschool mom. I just discovered your blog and enjoy it alot. May God bless you and yours as you labor for Him in Canada.
    I got sooo tickled about the gift card! That sounds exactly like something I would do. The reason being, (or at least the excuse I use) is I have way tooo much on my mind.

  2. I get the 2 stores mixed up ALL the time! My sister in law works at one of them- I can never remember which!

    Hope all are feeling better!


    PS- Great blog!
    I am in North Vancouver too!

  3. Hi, Liesa! I'm so glad you stopped by and left a comment. I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

    Hi, Jen! It's good to know a new friend in North Van. Thanks for leaving a comment. I wouldn't have gotten the two stores mixed up so much if I hadn't just assumed it was Home Sense (I love that store!). I was so excited! LOL I'm thinking the closest Home Outfitters is at Metrotown? I'll have to run over there sometime this week.


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