Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This & That

I've written posts with this title before, apparently: when I began typing it in, the auto fill-in feature just filled it right in for me! How nice! ;)

Life has been busy the past few days. We had a good weekend. Still no heat in the rec centre, but good nonetheless. November is Missions Month at our church, and Wes is teaching on Sunday nights on the Faith Promise giving program. This will be our third year of Faith Promise giving. The Lord has blessed the past two years, and we're looking forward to seeing what He will do this year. In Sunday school I'm teaching about Amy Carmichael. I love to teach this series (I Dare by CEF), especially the first lesson, where Amy asks God for blue eyes as a little girl, then realizes as an adult that His plan for even something as small as her eye color was important. Love it!

We're gearing up for a busy holiday season - our ladies' brunch, caroling, going to a cantata at another church, and our annual open house. I'm thrilled to be speaking at a ladies' tea at another church in the area also. I love the holidays!

I've been practicing some new piano arrangements for offertories. Wes likes for me to play arrangements instead of just choosing something from the hymnbook, although I feel more comfortable with hymns. So I'm stretching my musical self a bit. I picked up an interesting book at the library about practicing and performing music, The Perfect Wrong Note. It's quite a bit of psycho-babble, but there is some good advice in it too. A few things I've learned have helped even within the past week.

Wes and I will be going to Portland this weekend with a whole bunch of teenagers from our church and others in the area. The kids are super excited. Me? Not so much! ;) We always have a great time, and I expect we will this time too.

Sam's play is Thursday night - while we're gone to Portland. It'll be live-streamed, and I hope it'll be recorded and DVDs made available. I am so torn about missing it! I know I need to be in the youth conference, but my heart really wants to see my boy in his play. He voted for the first time today. The polling place for that area was on the college campus, so he just walked into the room next door to vote! :)

And speaking of the election, I'm not pleased with how it turned out. I'm even a little apprehensive over what kinds of things will happen in the next four years. But . . . I firmly believe that this is God's plan and His plan is being worked out, just as it has for the past 6,000 years! There's still work to do and God's still on His throne!

Oh, and thank you all for the birthday wishes for my mom!


  1. I may have that Amy Carmichael series. I love it, too. Her story ministered to me as an adult, but there is much to speak to children, too.

    I can understand your conflictedness wanting to see your son in the play. I would feel the same way. Hopefully someone will record it.

    I feel the same way about the election results.

  2. Hello!

    I hope you have a good missions month. We had ours last month. I love the opportunity to get a closer look at the work our missionaries are doing and the people they are reaching for Christ.




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