Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Pleasant Day

Hi! I hope all my American friends and family had a wonderful holiday today. Our day was quite enjoyable. I had to run to Michaels first thing - yes, I had to! - and I kept being surprised at how many people were out on a holiday morning. Then I kept remembering that it isn't a holiday in Canada today. I'm easily confused like that! ;)

I came home and finished getting our food ready to take to our friends' this afternoon. I'm glad I had enough time to clean up the kitchen and make the house nice to come home to. The older I get, the more important I feel it is to be able to relax when I get home, and having the house neat sure does help in that department.

Beth worked hard last week making pumpkin bread to take for each family at the gathering today. I made the paper wrapping to go around each loaf. I definitely had the easier job of this project! Andrew took pictures of the breads all wrapped up this morning, and I'll post them tomorrow - I don't feel like dragging out the camera and doing all the uploading and downloading and all that right now. I want you to see how pretty they turned out.

We enjoyed a great dinner with our friends. We decided we are "relocated" Americans rather than what someone had termed "displaced" Americans. We are not displaced; we came here willingly and joyfully. Displaced makes it sound like we were deported here or something. So we are simply relocated by the Lord. All us adults took a few minutes to tell something we are thankful for after dinner, and we ended up in tears and laughter at the same time! The bottom line was that God has been so good to us, much better than we deserve. What a gracious, merciful God we serve!

There were 12 kids there, ranging in age from 17 down to 3. They all went to the park after dinner, even the 3-year-old, to play hockey. The "big girls" took care of the toddler, who didn't want to "stay home with Daddy" while all the big kids got to go play. It's a joy to see the teenagers playing with and including the younger kids for a bit, then each group of kiddos did their own thing: the teens played Dutch Blitz while the younger ones watched a movie - with the dads! We ladies talked lady stuff, swapping recipes and advice and homeschooling and mom stories - great fun! ;)

So that was our day. I hope that each of you had a wonderful day with your family and/or friends. I called my parents, but they had already left for my brother's house (somebody remind me to get J's land-line number!), so I'll call them tomorrow. That 3-hour time difference really gets aggravating sometimes! I'll run for now - almost bedtime!


  1. Sounds like a great day all the way around!

    I like "relocated," too. One blogger I come across sometimes through the Sat. photo hunt calls herself an "expat" for "expatriate" but that sounds kind of negative to me.

  2. I don't like the term expat, either. To me it has a connotation of leaving because is dissatisfaction with the country, which wasn't so in our case at all. We still love our native country, but we sure do love where God has us now, too!


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